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You have searched the English word "Sex" meaning in Hindi "लिंग" ling. Sex meaning has been search 31401 (thirty-one thousand four hundred and one) times till 10/25/2014. You can also find Sex meaning and Translation in Urdu, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, French and other languages.

Sex Meaning in Hindi

English to Hindi Hindi to English

English Hindi Roman
लिंग , जाति , यौन-क्रिया ling , ling , yaun-kriya
कामी , स्त्री या पुरूष धर्म सम्बन्धी , लैंगिक

Definition & Synonyms
• Sexangular
  1. (a.) Having six angles; hexagonal.

• Sexton
  1. (n.) An under officer of a church, whose business is to take care of the church building and the vessels, vestments, etc., belonging to the church, to attend on the officiating clergyman, and to perform other duties pertaining to the church, such as to dig graves, ring the bell, etc.

• Sexangled
  1. (a.) Alt. of Sexangular

• Sexisyllabic
  1. (a.) Having six syllables.

• Sexenary
  1. (a.) Proceeding by sixes; sextuple; -- applied especially to a system of arithmetical computation in which the base is six.

• Sexivalent
  1. (a.) Hexavalent.

• Sext
  1. (n.) The office for the sixth canonical hour, being a part of the Breviary.
  2. (n.) The sixth book of the decretals, added by Pope Boniface VIII.

• Sextant
  1. (n.) The constellation Sextans.
  2. (n.) The sixth part of a circle.
  3. (n.) An instrument for measuring angular distances between objects, -- used esp. at sea, for ascertaining the latitude and longitude. It is constructed on the same optical principle as Hadleys quadrant, but usually of metal, with a nicer graduation, telescopic sight, and its arc the sixth, and sometimes the third, part of a circle. See Quadrant.

• Sexangularly
  1. (adv.) Hexagonally.

• Sexdigitist
  1. (n.) One who has six fingers on a hand, or six toes on a foot.

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