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You have searched the English word "Species" meaning in Urdu "نوع" Nooe. Species meaning has been search 19072 (nineteen thousand and seventy-two) times till 11/1/2014. You can also find Species meaning and Translation in Urdu, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, French and other languages.

Species Meaning in Urdu

English to Urdu Dictionary Urdu to English Dictionary

English Roman Urdu اردو
Nooe نوع

Definition & Synonyms
• Species
  1. (n.) Visible or sensible presentation; appearance; a sensible percept received by the imagination; an image.
  2. (n.) Coin, or coined silver, gold, ot other metal, used as a circulating medium; specie.
  3. (n.) A sort; a kind; a variety; as, a species of low cunning; a species of generosity; a species of cloth.
  4. (n.) A group of individuals agreeing in common attributes, and designated by a common name; a conception subordinated to another conception, called a genus, or generic conception, from which it differs in containing or comprehending more attributes, and extending to fewer individuals. Thus, man is a species, under animal as a genus; and man, in its turn, may be regarded as a genus with respect to European, American, or the like, as species.
  5. (n.) A public spectacle or exhibition.
  6. (n.) An officinal mixture or compound powder of any kind; esp., one used for making an aromatic tea or tisane; a tea mixture.
  7. (n.) The form or shape given to materials; fashion or shape; form; figure.
  8. (n.) A component part of compound medicine; a simple.
  9. (n.) In science, a more or less permanent group of existing things or beings, associated according to attributes, or properties determined by scientific observation.

• Specie
  1. (n.) Coin; hard money.
  2. () abl. of L. species sort, kind. Used in the phrase in specie, that is, in sort, in kind, in (its own) form.

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