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 English Hindi Roman
Stretcher पालकी ,डोली ,शिविका paalaki , paalaki , shivika

Definition & Synonyms

• Stretcher

  1. (n.) A litter, or frame, for carrying disabled, wounded, or dead persons.
  2. (n.) A narrow crosspiece of the bottom of a boat against which a rower braces his feet.
  3. (n.) A crosspiece placed between the sides of a boat to keep them apart when hoisted up and griped.
  4. (n.) An overstretching of the truth; a lie.
  5. (n.) The frame upon which canvas is stretched for a painting.
  6. (n.) A brick or stone laid with its longer dimension in the line of direction of the wall.
  7. (n.) An instrument for stretching boots or gloves.
  8. (n.) One who, or that which, stretches.
  9. (n.) A piece of timber used in building.
  10. (n.) One of the rods in an umbrella, attached at one end to one of the ribs, and at the other to the tube sliding upon the handle.

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