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Definition & Synonyms

• Value

  1. (n.) Degree of lightness as conditioned by the presence of white or pale color, or their opposites.
  2. (n.) That property of a color by which it is distinguished as bright or dark; luminosity.
  3. (n.) Any particular quantitative determination; as, a functions value for some special value of its argument.
  4. (n.) The valuable ingredients to be obtained by treatment from any mass or compound; specif., the precious metals contained in rock, gravel, or the like; as, the vein carries good values; the values on the hanging walls.
  5. (n.) Worth estimated by any standard of purchasing power, especially by the market price, or the amount of money agreed upon as an equivalent to the utility and cost of anything.
  6. (v. t.) To raise to estimation; to cause to have value, either real or apparent; to enhance in value.
  7. (n.) Valor.
  8. (n.) Precise signification; import; as, the value of a word; the value of a legal instrument
  9. (v. t.) To be worth; to be equal to in value.
  10. (n.) The relative length or duration of a tone or note, answering to quantity in prosody; thus, a quarter note [/] has the value of two eighth notes [/].
  11. (n.) Esteem; regard.
  12. (v. t.) To estimate the value, or worth, of; to rate at a certain price; to appraise; to reckon with respect to number, power, importance, etc.
  13. (n.) The property or aggregate properties of a thing by which it is rendered useful or desirable, or the degree of such property or sum of properties; worth; excellence; utility; importance.
  14. (n.) In an artistical composition, the character of any one part in its relation to other parts and to the whole; -- often used in the plural; as, the values are well given, or well maintained.
  15. (v. t.) To rate highly; to have in high esteem; to hold in respect and estimation; to appreciate; to prize; as, to value one for his works or his virtues.
Appraise, Appreciate, Assess, Esteem, Evaluate, Measure, Prise, Prize, Rate, Respect, Treasure,

• Valueless

  1. (a.) Being of no value; having no worth.

• Valued policy

  1. () A policy in which the value of the goods, property, or interest insured is specified; -- opposed to open policy.