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Neeki Ka Amal, Ehsan  نيکی کا عمل ٬ احسان
Ehsan Framosh  احسان فراموش
Ehsan Framoshi  احسان فراموشی
Amended Certificate  
Tarmeem Shuda, Sadaqat Nama, Ihsan Shuda  ترمیم شدہ ٬ صداقت نامہ ٬ احسان شدہ
 قرض داری ٬ ممونیت ٬ احسان مندی
 احسان مندی ٬ ممنونیت ٬ تشکر
 تشکر ٬ احسان مندی ٬ شکر گزاری
Obbligato, Obligato  
 شکر گزار ٬ ممنون ٬ احسان مند
Ehsan Karte Hue  احسان کرتے ہوئے
English to Urdu Dictionary – Dictionary is one of the basic essentials of the modern world. It helps an individual to learn about the language and get hold of the vocabulary. Urdu to English dictionary is a significant feature that can help you to translate various tough words in English. The major advantage of Urdu to English Dictionary comes when you are interpreting some significant piece of work. The language translation is a blessing for those who find difficulty in comprehending tough meanings at times. The difficult words of English can be translated in Urdu for you to understand. Likewise you can translate tough Urdu words into English.

HamariWeb present highest number of word compared from all others dictionaries. Our aim of this dictionary is to teach Urdu meaning of hard and easy English words both for experts and beginners. Dictionary is one the most important and famous tool to understand the differences of languages properly, as there are thousands of languages were spoken around the World but English language get the unique importance because it is universal language by which different origins of people can communicate easily. Now a days the World became a global village through internet as different communities of people interact with each other for business need and social interact through face book, twitter or Google one etc, the only language the both parties know can be English, but English may not be their mother or regional language so that might find difficulty for smooth communication. At this point the dictionary plays the vital part to ease their vocabulary difficulty.

In Pakistan both English and Urdu are official languages, but people find some difficulties in English language with their meaning and translation. Here Hamariweb.com provides the Pakistan most popular and reliable Dictionary English to Urdu & Urdu to English Dictionary with roman Urdu, proper definition, antonyms and synonyms. This Online English to Urdu Dictionary is easy to use as compare to dictionary book because it has a smart search bar by which you just type the desire word , the search bar return the all meaning with no time which help you in English to Urdu Translation and Urdu to English Translation. Hamariweb.com also provides "word of the day" for that user who wants to increase their English to Urdu vocabulary. Learning one new word on regular basis along with the meaning, synonyms and antonyms can help you to improve you English language skills.

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