Worries and confusion during pandemicism

(Abid Ali, Peshawar)

The article is based on worries generated by corona pandemic, most of the earth's inhibitants hold in their brain, which has scepticised their nerves.


Everybody knows that no body knows nothing about what is going on in here in our biosphere as the global immunity system has been compromised which has triggered an intense scepticism backed by rumors and propagandas in the earth's inhibitants. But what i do realise about this current corona apocalypse is, that the so called strong free market capitalism, which has shaped the contemporary world economic order, is too weak to absorb such type of shocks and this is gonna be worst than the great depression period the world has experienced in 2008, a massive market crash.

Private companies and small enterprises, based in or out of any country, have been parked, their products and services have been stalked and their high unemployement rate's doors have been knocked. This type of alarming sitiuation has increased the risk of fragility & extinction, in worst case, of free market capitalism.

What will happen if this pandemic holocaust & the growing economic effect of the dragon put an end to free market capitalism?

Many political scientists and economists have predicted in past that the end of capitalism will be the end of this universe as capitalism is too deep rooted in the world's political and economic skeleton, which is quite understandable, and is wraped in the carpet of many NGO's, IGO's, private carporations etc.

Will this hypothesis be proved right/wrong?

Does this pandemic has the stength to topple the free market capitalism which has ruled the world for roughly a century?

Does china has the capacity to hypnotise a new world order and bear the after shocks of capitalism's extinction?
Nothing will change except humanitarian crisis and a big hit to the global economy.

There is a barrage of questions which anyone may want to be answered.

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آپ کی رائے
So good and expected article. Writing style is easy and standard.Best wishes for you.
By: Tasnim noor, Faridur on Jul, 13 2020
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