Surprising Facts Many Of You Did Not Know About Muhammad Ali

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Born Cassius Clay, Muhammad Ali was a boxer, an activist, a comedian, and a musician. Here are some facts that only a few know about your favorite boxer.

He won one of his most famous fights at 4 am

In 1974, Muhammad Ali knocked George Foreman out in Zaire. The fight started at 4 am because of the time difference with the United States.

The gloves he wore fighting Sony Liston are worth more than the money he earned for the fight

Approximately 50 years after the famous fight, the gloves were sold for 836 000 dollars. His post fight earnings amounted to 630 000 that night.

He never refused to sign an autograph

When he was young, Ali met Sugar Ray Robinson and asked for an autograph. The latter responded : I don’t have time. From that day on, Ali decided to never disappoint a fan.

He helped free hostages

Muhammad Ali managed negotiate the release of 15 American hostages after long discussions with Sadam Hussein.

He saved a man from committing suicide

One day, as he was walking down the streets of LA, Muhammad Ali came across a mentally ill young man who was trying to commit suicide. Ali reached out to him and reminded him how beautiful life was.

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