Famous Celebrities And Their Shocking Real Names

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Thought you knew everything about your favorite celebrities? Well, you can’t even be sure about their real names! Actors use different on-screen names to make them look more sophisticated or… just plain fancy. Here’s a list of famous celebrities and their real names you surely didn’t know about!

Famous actress Reema Khan’s real name is Sameena Khan – Reema is her on-screen pseudonym

Always a controversial figure.. Veena Malik’s real name is Zahida Malik – Veena adds the cheese to cheesy.

Pakistani TV star Sami Khan’s real name is long and different.. his name is Mansoor Aslam Khan Niazi
Pakistani cinema legend Shaan Shahid wasn’t always Shaan.. his real name is Armaghan Shahid!
Danish Taimoor’s wife, Ayeza Khan’s real name actually is Kinza Khan
The star who has taken Lollywood by storm, including TV dramas.. Saba Qamar’s real name is Sabahat Qamar Zaman
The famous TV star, namely from Bulbule, Nabeel’s real name is Nadeem Zafar
Once Pakistan’s favorite actress Noor.. is actually Sonia Mughal

The Khiladi from Bollywood, Akshay Kumar, actually is Rajiv Om Bhatia

Bollywood legend Dilip Kumar is a Muslim whose real name is Muhammad Yousuf Khan

Mr.Singham Ajay Devgun’s surname is real but not his first name.. the complete name actually is Vishal Devgun

 Veteran actor Jackie Shroff’s real name is Jaikishan Kakubhai Shroff

Bollywood stud John Abraham has a typical Pakistani name in Farhan Abraham


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