My Pakistan (PAK SAR ZAMEEN)

(Towhida Sultana, )

Assalamalaikum towhida sultana here today i want to write this Article dedicated to My Country i want My Country to become like this My Pakistan (PAK SAR ZAMEEN) to be like this..Mera Pakistan Kesa hu !

Pakistan is a Gift for us Given by Almighty ALLAH after so much of hardship's and struggle faced by our elder's we cant even imagine how hardship's they faced so many lives were sacrificed just for a country of our own in which we can live Peacefully but its very unfortunate that we are in a such a time that we always wish that we can/could change the current scenario of Pakistan because today we are moving away saying other's there are so much struggle in Pakistan we want to leave Abroad why ? Is this not ur country ? no country develop's on it's own it is developed by it's own people so rather than criticising ur country do ur part how can we forget how much sacrifice our elder's have gone through just for the construction of their homeland our homeland Pakistan.. we cant let some corrupt people ruin it can we? today i really wish we can rebuild our country rebuild the dream's of our elder's i want proper education system in Pakistan in which merit word should be the most important word no other interceder kind of a thing should matter i wish we give chance to new people to take part in politics and become new fresh politician's i wish we can build more free education centres in our country and build more old age home's and homes for poor/mentally diseabled or orphan children here who can live there peacefully and we should always keep our country clean no matter who u r rich or poor u should always keep the trash in the trash bin not in the road's of our country if u will not care for ur countries development trust me no one else will..we should always unite as a nation and try to make thing's better for our country so that we can Proudly say that hey you this is our country its truly stand's for its meaning PAK SAR ZAMEEN ..! We have kept it pure like it's name i wish Mera Pakistan Aisa hu mery buzurgo ki khuwaishon jesa ho !!! so much love for Pakistan in my heart Pakistan Zindabad

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