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It is a bleak and bare fact that Pakistan has buckled down into the depth of dark oceans that many communal issues correlated with it like crime, misconduct, poverty, unemployment, terrorism, illiteracy, corruption and energy crises. These evils are harmful and are hurdle in the road to success for making an amplified and embellish country. The first step in achieving a successful country depends on how much it means to the leaders and its nation. Indeed every country is not perfect.

For a long time government being unsuccessful in reinstate tranquility and composure. Sometimes I wonder: Is the government merely responsible for this tumultuous and messy condition? In my point of view youth is the only best asset to its country who can conquer all the problems cling to Pakistan for this purpose our youth demand self-security and hopes for ample opportunities i-e good education, employment, healthy life and peaceful environment. Developed countries serve to the needs of youth. A lot more awareness and consciousness is needed to spread around that’s included honesty, truthfulness among people and true love for the country is needed.

Educated people should give a chance to govern and lead a nation. There must be consistent education system too. Private institutions must not be the group of charter. Free education should be provided at primary level so that literacy could be declined. No effort has been done by any individual or association to conflict all these horrible ills. Unfortunately in Pakistan only those are taking knowledge who can afford it. Government should provide good quality education at rural areas. All the government sector schools should be made free of cost and volunteer teachers should be hired who serve the nation free of cost that’s one of the main reasons why Pakistan is lagging behind other countries. Online and distance learning programs should be launched to compete with all the foreign universities. Difference between the syllabus and quality of education in private and government institute must be eliminated.

Although, Street crimes are usual. Daily new paper is full of rubbish acts. I am staggered that is it the fault of government or our nation is waiting for some magical spell that will come to them and revolve this mourning state into the heaven. I pursue no one will help except the nation of its country, although powerful government is also needed. Further, for a well renowned country, crime should be eliminated. Each and every evil should be punished. Forewarnings with penalties and punishment should be announced in case of violation and malefaction.

Poverty should be lessening by enhancing rehabilitation centers for penniless and underprivileged. Child labor should be abolished. I appreciate Abdul Sattar Edhi for his marvelous and brilliant good deeds in the vicinity of Pakistan. More people like Edhi should be born to serve the nation.

False perceptions about the Pakistan should be removed and all the investments should be made within the Pakistan by taking this step industrial growth rate will tend to increase and Pakistan will certainly make progress this can be done by mighty determination and tremendous grit. Business work and financial activities must increase.

We can see what is the present scenario of traffic system? Traffic system should be administered it must be a prodigious operative traffic system based on rules and regulations. Traffic sense should be imposed and heavy fine must be charged from uncivilized people who dare to break the traffic rule. Ohh! Government invests in the ability of the Pakistani nation. Pakistan needs educated nation who are taught to follow up and regard the law. Uncivil and wild must be acquitted to bring the change.

There is a warm need to decrease the energy crisis. Zikriya sajid said that“we are unable to utilize our own resources for confronting the power crises he suggested that government should take steps to introduce wind, solar and nuclear energy so that emissions can be reduced”. Therefore it is the first and foremost duty of Pakistan government to tackle the basic need of electricity, gas and water.It is the serious and major problem of Pakistan. The requisition for exceeding supply with the growing population has extended. Pakistan government must traverse the hidden as well as all the visible resources. More dams should be constructed for better energy conversation and that must be feasible too. Renewable energy resources like solar system should be cast at the grid station to cover the shortage of electricity.

Accountability and transparency is deficiently necessitated. Qualified law makers should be provided. All the committees should be reformed to take in hand the budget. There is a need to rebuild Pakistan decreasing economy so that international investors may not hesitant to invest in Pakistan. Inflation is also one of the main hurdles in the development of Pakistan. Anyway, Pakistan is an underdeveloped country so that government should start an expedition to explore the resources and start functioning on them.

Special law enforcement agencies can be made that would free from politics and each agency should have power to monitor the interpretation of the whole country. After that government can presentan award scheme to appreciate the best performers.

Proper judicial system and implementation of law are the important things to eradicate corruption. Many countries criticize our territory we have to deal with them by taking suitable steps by building a strong block of civilized nation.

Government must provide a substantial infrastructure. Proper tax reforms must be implemented. Tax revenue generation can be improved by reforming FBR and it should be a self-governing agency. Moreover Government can obtrude sensible and fair taxes.

One step further all government institutions have old buildings and all buildings need to be rebuilt like PIA, postal services, railways, government educational institutions,hospitals and Wapda.

Peaceful and harmonious atmosphere can be achieved by promoting culture, traditions and social values. How ridiculous that most of us are following western cultures. It’s really a challenging when your internal unity is at stake. Unfortunately Pakistanis are extremely entangled in racialism.

Pakistan isone of the countries that were established on the bedrock of Islam. The only source of strength and unity is Islam. Now one should strictly adhere to the principles of Islam.Being true patriot’semphasisthe moral values, national integration, coherence, harmony and dignityare the only ways to kick out Pakistan from the catastrophic condition. We should follow up the Quaid’s motto “unity, faith and discipline”. Now Pakistanis show your guts and take step forward with Self-sufficiency, devotion and courageto fabricate Pakistan wealthy and strong by exploring the new horizons of success. I wish to have social stability and economic dynamism.

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