How Would Be My Pakistan ??????

(M. Shafay Ali, Kamra, Attock)

Apney Watan Ki Mitti Pay Chalne Ka Tareeqa Seekho,
Sang-e-mar mar Pay Chalo Gay To Phisal Jao Gay

There Is One Main Blessing By Allah Almighty On A Nation ; i.e. Freedom To the Nation. The Nation with freedom is very lucky. The Nation Missing Freedom Is Useless. Pakistan Is My Beloved Homeland. My This Beloved Homeland was Founded By Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah on !4th August 1947 ; i.e., 27th of Ramadan.Pakistan was Blessed with freedom on 27th Ramadan. The Day It Was Founded Was A clearcut meaning that Pakistan appeared on world map with Full Wish Of Allah Almighty.

There Are Only Two Nations In The World That Are Based Upon Their Religions They Are Pakistan Based on Islam And Israel Based ON Judism.
Pakistan after Creation faced many difficulties. But These Difficulties were lessend by patriotic Pakistanis At That Time But not were fully removed by the root. Some Character Of Spreading the Difficulties in all over Pakistan is by some politicians or Prime Ministers At That time.beyond this, there are many Qualities in my Pakistan That are not In Any Of the Present Country In the World and there are such records set up by my Pakistan That are not setted up by any country.
To talk about how should My Pakistan look Is first of all Education. Education should be given Equally among All the students, Because :
“Information Is Increased By It’s Distribution.”

The Second thing is that My Pakistan Will Be Free Of Any Terrorism. Like That Free Of Terrorism That My Quaid e Azam Wished.Terrorism Can Not Only be wiped out by using weapons of Mass Destruction.It Can be reduced with a simple way that is Education.

In My Pakistan, there would Be Electricity Not Like The Present Pakistan. Electricity Bill Will Be Reduced For Every one. Dams Will Be Only Built There Where There Is More Water And to Control The Water Level In That Cityand to Produce Electricity. The Easiest Way To Produce More Electricity Without Any Pollution Is Hydroelectric Power Stations And Windmills Where There Is More Water And Wind. The Govt Of Pakistan Should Take Steps To Make Electricity Available To Everyone.

The Next Thing Is That In My Pakistan Is That There Will Be No One Poor In My Country. Every Person Should Be Given Equall Rights Whether He is Rich Or Poor. It Means That The rule of Poor To Poorer and Poorer to Poorest And Rich to Richer And Richer to Richest Will Not be applicable.
Other Thing Is that In My Pakistan There will be No Expensiveness in my Pakistan. Every Person could Afford those things which he wants .
In my Pakistan There Will Be Food, Shelter, And Clothes Available To Every one.
In My Pakistan There Will Be No Corruption.
In my Pakistan Every One Would Be Sincere And Fair of His Duties.
In My Pakistan There Would be Ban On Hunting Of Endangerd Species.

Proper Footpaths Would Be Made On Side Of Roads So That Everyone should Walk On It Instead of walking on road. And To Follow it Strict Policies and Measures Should Be Taken to Prevent This Walking On the Road. And To Prevent More Accidents And To Make Life More Safe. The Roads Should Consist of Atleast 4 In-coming Lanes And 4 On-coming Lanes To Make Vehicles Spent their Journey In A Safe way. And There would be Traffic Lights And Traffic Police In My Country To Control Traffic. My Country Should Have The Latest Technology Of Security such As Latest CCTV Cameras.In Short, My Country Should Have The Latest Technology Base don NO POLLUTION.

Airports Should Be Expanded To Make more planes aty in it and Proper Time Schedule should Be followed by those Aircrafts And Pilots. In Short, There Will Be Scheduled And Proper Time Following Flights So that Everyone Should have the safest Journey Ever.
Trains Should Follow Their Time Table And Schedule.
In Short, My Pakistan Would Be According To Wishes Of My Quaid e Azam.
Khuda Kare Meri Arz e Pak Par Utray Wo Fasl e Gul
Jise Andesha e Zawal Na Ho

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