The Indians’ Camouflaged Insecurity

(Abu Hassan, )

Arshed Durrani
The Wani-led ‘Intifada’ that has engulfed the Indian occupied Kashmir, since July 2016, exposes and manifests the deep lying psychological insecurity of the Indians. The External Ministry’s criticism of Pakistan as “glorifying” terrorists and Prime Minister Modi’s outburst against media for portraying Shaheed Burhanuddin Wani as a “hero” shows India’s frustration showing its insecurity. And finally, Uri, brings out the entire gamut of Indian insecurities and the obscuring arrogance.

Both the Indian mind and nerve are quite evidently obsessed with Pakistan phobia. Modi sarakar’s blatant admission of interfering and disturbing Balochistan shows arrogance of insecurity. This amounts to not only violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty but it is also a challenge to the international law. Yet another manifestation of the arrogance is the threat of annulment of the Indus Water Treaty and converting Pakistan into a desert. This spate of boasts multiplies as the arrogance mounts with the insecurity aggravating further and further.

The amalgam of feelings of insecurity is deep, wide and complex. The guilt of suppression of legitimate rights of many peoples; Kashmiris, Sikhs, the Nagas and so many others, deepens its insecurity. Even with a plethora of state suppressions and incentives, the peril refuses to recede; rather persists and grows. This hereditary insecurity remains central to the Indian psyche. It keeps itself inimical with the neighbours, seeking external support against China, harrying the minnows, Nepal, Bhuttan and to a large extent Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Pakistan is the demon of Indian insecurity. Indian politics moans and groans under the hoax of Pakistan.

“Sometimes our thoughts are backed by so much insecurity that they create lies we believe”, said a sage. Just the name Pakistan appearing anywhere instigates a signal of insecurity for India. Whether it is CPEC or increasing Pakistan-Russia ties, or it is the US refusal to tow the anti-Pakistan Indian line, Indian insecurity accrues disproportionately.

India suffers the twin-frustrations of catch & match; frustration at the inability to catch and match economic and military superiority of China while at the same time frustration at being matched and caught by Pakistan in military prowess. Chinese superiority aggravates her inferiority and Pakistan’s surge attenuates her superiority, a situation not in her control. The outcome is conception of self-induced insecurity with obvious injurious repercussions for the entire region.

Indian insecurity is domino affected. The international uproar about the specter of Islamic terrorism rides Indian nerves also. She sees Pakistan in the prism of terror only. Right from a minor incident to a major disaster, the soul of Pakistan and its agencies are conveniently the first to be blamed. To malign and demonize Pakistan, India generates, propagates and expands phenomenal anti and counter Pakistan effort. The mantra of Pakistan as the terror hub has adversely affected Indian senses and the perception of Pakistan threat has become part of her nature.

India borrows and imports its insecurity also. Tracking on the trails of Israel as an occupant and usurper of rights and freedom, India suffers the same nightmare; resistance and the burden of guilt. This guilt instigated insecurity translates into arrogance and violence.

The media has also plays a vital role in generating, aggravating and deepening Indian insecurity. Pakistan bashing and ghosting is the only measure and scale of media patriotism. The more one can loath and bash Pakistan, the more patriotic one is. Instant hypes created, distorted opinions are generated and Pakistan peril augmented to further deepen and widen the insecurity.

Closure of other channels of communication between Pakistan and India leaves the media as the only channel, owner and controller of communication across the border. The media tends to its own interest by generating and conveying tunes of anguish and distrust enslaving the government and the populace in defining their reactions, opinions and policies. This media induced and aggravated insecurity breeds hatred and breathes malice of arrogance.
The first casualty of Indian arrogance is the beautiful valley of Kashmir bathed in blood. Events all over the world clearly indicate that force cannot suppress, fight and defeat the power of legitimacy. Although there may be fleeting success, the will of the people is the ultimate victor. If many others, far more potent, resourceful and advanced powers have failed in the quest to subdue the resolve for freedom; Indian chances of success are surely infinitesimal. Despite this, arrogance continues to drive India on the path of suppressing the Kashmirs’ right to self-determination. This is the blindness and ignorance of arrogance.

The second and much bigger casualty of the insecurity induced arrogance is the region. The prevalence of hegemonistic mindset prevented the hosting of the Islamabad SAARC conference harmed none but the people of the region form moving a step closer in working for regional prosperity, at least theoretically. And yet on a bigger canvass the design to counter China compels it to become the conduit of international schematics to the region and thus simmering it perpetually.

Cricket and culture are great and exclusive communions of the region. The marvelous Indo-Pak cricketing enthralled not only the region but also the entire world. If India cherish the memories of Lahore, Pakistan remembers heroics at Bangalore. Competition at its peak, sportsmanship at its best, rivalry at its zenith, all exclusive features of the two sides, have evaporated and replaced by burning arrows flying across the borders. Yet another casualty is the dancing Asian hockey, that has disappeared. The melodies and tunes, which were perpetual and beyond frontiers have all suffered an asphyxiating death. Arrogance burns both to ashes.

Breaking and uniting, separation and integration, combinations and permutations are human life and history. “Time and patience”, as says Kutozov in War and Peace, are the greatest healers. The reality of partition has to be accepted and the scars of the breakup healed. Arrogance and insecurity keeps the wound bleeding and keeps the region burning.

Heal thy wounds and make the region and the world beautiful, India. Identify and recognize thy insecurities and address thy arrogance. You take one step of trust and thy neighbors will take many more.

The region can also be part of amelioration. Firstly, say no to tit-for-tat for there are no winners in obstinacy and it is more of a self-destruction. Secondly, let the streams flow. If they are closed from one end, the others must not close their ends for drips and drops have the power to make new channels and mature to streams. Finally, India is a reality of great potential, beautiful cultures and big might. Grant her, her due status and accord her, her due place for tolerance, respect and love begets nothing but the same. (ENDS)
(The writer is freelance columnist, based in Islamabad)

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