Top Cities for Getting Job Opportunities in Pakistan

(Zahra Tayyab, Islamabad)

No doubt the job market in Pakistan is very much unsaturated. The market is full with job seekers and yet more are entering but less jobs are being offered and those too for less salaries. The trend of getting higher education is on the rise, and the people think that they will get good paying jobs as soon as they graduate but it's not always the case. The economy of Pakistan is facing recession, expenses are increasing and the household income is not enough to cover-up these expenses. This has made everyone to either become an employee or start one's own business. Now almost every member of a house is trying to get a job but it's very difficult for everyone to get a job.

Although, it is not a misrepresentation that there are not as many job opportunities in Pakistan as there should be but it is also a fact that people exaggerate things. There are still many private firms, besides government organizations hiring new personnel. Besides the economic and political crisis and safety threats, new businesses are emerging as a helping hand for new job seekers. Yet there's another truth, with which not everyone is familiar with and that is some cities are hiring more than others. We can make a short list of such cities and the top jobs offered by these cities. So here we go, below are the cities where there are huge job opportunities:


Being the largest city and having the only seaport, Karachi is on the number one position offering top jobs in Pakistan. Many companies and banks have their head offices in Karachi, which shows that this city is offering the best and the highest job opportunities for job seekers. There are also many industries, providing jobs for job seekers.


One can think Karachi as the expensive most city of Pakistan as it's the largest city and having the only seaport, but the reality is contrary to it. It's a place where property rent is affordable and the properties are also not very expensive. This also made this city the main hub for job placement. Anyone considering to move here for a better job opportunity or considering to start a business in Karachi can easily take that tough decision on the basis of cheaper property rates. The list of advantages of working in Karachi doesn't end here, the grocery expenses, the clothing and travel expenses are also cheaper as compared to many other cities of Pakistan. These all add up to give an advantage to both the job seekers and the job providers.

Standard of education in Karachi is also good and literacy rate is above 77%. This also makes Karachito get in number one position of getting jobs. The trend of jobs in Pakistan is somehow different. Students try to manage their own expenses by getting jobs at an early age. Students can work in a number of industries to get job opportunities like food and hospitality industry, media, education etc. The art industry of Karachi is very well known and developed and this is the reason that many from the field of arts and media are either born in Karachi or move here for a better future.

All these and many more reasons make Karachi the best place to get the best job opportunities or start a business.


Lahore the city of customs, art and food, is the capital and the largest city of Punjab. The city has always been a place of traditions. The literacy rate of Lahore is above 74%. Many head offices and regional offices are operating in Lahore. A huge number of industries are situated in or near the city. If we talk about food, no doubt Lahore is one of the best city in taste and variety. Food is one of the main reason for its attraction.

The media industry of Lahore is also popular and famous and comes at the second number after Karachi.

The city is full with IT based companies, providing jobs for designers, developers and network administrators.

Other popular industries providing better job and business opportunities are fashion, arts, construction, travelling and hospitality. Due to all these advantages and diversification, there are huge number of jobs in Lahore.


The twin cities, Islamabad and Rawalpindi, combined their forces and stand on the third number in job placement. Not as many industries and other private businesses and still these cities are proving good for job seekers. Being the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad offers many jobs in government sector. The private businesses in Pakistan are also offering outstanding jobs. The IT, construction, consultancy and education sectors are few of the best sectors offering job opportunities for the people of Islamabad and Rawalpindi and for the people from nearby locations.

People of other cities shouldn't never be disappointed as there are still many job opportunitiesall overall Pakistan, and if one face difficulties in getting a job or business opportunity, they may consider to take the next step and start thinking of moving to cities offering better opportunities.

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