As Far As Meaning

Example: Used other than as an idiom: see as,‎ far,‎ as.
With respect to; as relates to.
2004, Susan Maria Leach, Before & After: Living & Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery, HarperCollins, page 21,
  As far as food—still no nausea or problems.
2007 July 27, "Stateline Area News in Brief", Beloit Daily News,
  As far as food, the fire department will have hot dogs and brats.
2007 July 27, Jodi Rogstad, "The lure of the frontier echoes far", Wyoming Tribune-Eagle,
  As far as food, Courville had expected to have his pick of barbecue and beef jerky....
2007 August 5, Susan Frick Carlman, "Pasta and more", The Naperville Sun,
  "We put a lot of emphasis into the training of our staff, as far as food knowledge, wine knowledge," he said.
In the scope of.