• Delicacy Definition & Synonyms

  1. (a.) Nice and refined perception and discrimination; critical niceness; fastidious accuracy.
  2. (a.) The state of being affected by slight causes; sensitiveness; as, the delicacy of a chemists balance.
  3. (a.) The state or condition of being delicate; agreeableness to the senses; delightfulness; as, delicacy of flavor, of odor, and the like.
  4. (a.) Pleasure; gratification; delight.
  5. (a.) Nice propriety of manners or conduct; susceptibility or tenderness of feeling; refinement; fastidiousness; and hence, in an exaggerated sense, effeminacy; as, great delicacy of behavior; delicacy in doing a kindness; delicacy of character that unfits for earnest action.
  6. (a.) Addiction to pleasure; luxury; daintiness; indulgence; luxurious or voluptuous treatment.
  7. (a.) Nicety or fineness of form, texture, or constitution; softness; elegance; smoothness; tenderness; and hence, frailty or weakness; as, the delicacy of a fiber or a thread; delicacy of a hand or of the human form; delicacy of the skin; delicacy of frame.
  8. (a.) That which is alluring, delicate, or refined; a luxury or pleasure; something pleasant to the senses, especially to the sense of taste; a dainty; as, delicacies of the table.

Airiness, Daintiness, Dainty, Diplomacy, Discretion, Fineness, Finesse, Fragility, Goody, Kickshaw, Slightness, Treat,