• Dummies Definition & Synonyms

  1. (pl. ) of Dummy

• Dummy Definition & Synonyms

  1. (n.) The fourth or exposed hand when three persons play at a four-handed game of cards.
  2. (n.) A locomotive with condensing engines, and, hence, without the noise of escaping steam; also, a dummy car.
  3. (n.) One who plays a merely nominal part in any action; a sham character.
  4. (n.) A sham package in a shop, or one which does not contain what its exterior indicates.
  5. (n.) A floating barge connected with a pier.
  6. (a.) Silent; mute; noiseless; as a dummy engine.
  7. (n.) A thick-witted person; a dolt.
  8. (a.) Fictitious or sham; feigned; as, a dummy watch.
  9. (n.) An imitation or copy of something, to be used as a substitute; a model; a lay figure; as, a figure on which clothing is exhibited in shop windows; a blank paper copy used to show the size of the future book, etc.
  10. (n.) One who is dumb.

Blank, Booby, Dope,