Eye Sex Meaning

(slang, idiomatic) A lustful or sexually-charged glance exchanged between two people.

Example: 1998, Cathie Linz, Too Sexy for Marriage, Harlequin (1998), ISBN 9781459274464, unnumbered page:
  Eye sex. She'd heard the phrase but never experienced it before. The look he gave her was smoldering, showing her that he found her attractive.
2008, Rachel Gunn, Over on the East Side, Chipmunkpublishing (2008), ISBN 9781847476081, page 87:
  Our eyes met. Plain and simple we were having eye sex. If his eyes were a pool I could've drowned in them, sunk to the bottom never to come up for air.
2010, Bill Cinque, The Amazing Adventures of a Marginally Successful Musician, iUniverse (2010), ISBN 9781440115677, page 97:
  We played it again and I watched as the bride danced with her new husband but had eye sex with Tommy from across the room.
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