Fill One's Face Meaning

(idiomatic) To eat, especially in a hearty or greedy manner.

Example: 1994 April 22, A. D. Burch, "Gardens, Boynton Show Students's Art," Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel, p. 8 (retrieved 13 Oct 2013):
  Today is the last day to fill your faces with fare from Taste of the Town, at Town Center at Boca Raton.
2010 March 16, Darren Lewis, "Why I'm convinced Arsenal can win the title—I've even bet my dinner on it," Mirror Football (UK) (retrieved 13 Oct 2013):
  But if you happen to be at a half-decent eaterie come May time, and you see a bloke filling his face, come up and say hello. It might just be me.
2010, David Dinwoodie Irving, African Cookboy, ISBN 9781770098695, p. 148 (Google preview):
  Three or four times a week we'd see Ronnie Kray filling his face at Browns in the pulsatingly plush restaurant.
2011 Feb. 16, "Miami's Hottest Party Was Let Them Eat Cake," (retrieved 13 Oct 2013):
  Last night, after the celeb chefs and food lovers at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival filled their faces at the massive barbecue event BubbleQ and Best of the Best, they headed to the parking garage.
2011, Vin Packer, Alone at Night, ISBN 9781440537028, (Google books online edition):
  â€œAnd they're all eating! Peanuts, doughnuts, potato chips, just filling their faces. The fat Americans!”