Grease The Wheels Meaning

(idiomatic) To create conditions likely to produce or hasten favorable future developments.

Example: 1992 March 14, Celestine Bohlen, "Corruption Grows Greedy in Russia," New York Times (retrieved 18 May 2014):
  Once a way of greasing the wheels of a gruesome bureaucracy, bribery has now become part of the cost of doing business.
2008 July 5, Mark Dampier, "The Analyst: Why it's time to get back into bonds," The Independent (UK) (retrieved 18 May 2014):
  [T]he banks will feel more comfortable about lending to each other, which is something we desperately need to help grease the wheels of the economy.
2011 June 8, Roya Wolverson, "Why is Chronic Joblessness on the Rise?," Time (retrieved 18 May 2014):
  Worker mobility, which greases the wheels of hiring, dropped off sharply last year.
2013 Feb. 21, Johnny Martin, "Top tips to ensure you get paid on time," The Guardan (UK) (retrieved 18 May 2014):
  People will be more inclined to pay sooner if they can pay less – even a small discount might be enough to speed up the process and help grease the wheels.