Have One's Way With Meaning

(idiomatic, euphemistic) To engage in sexual intercourse with, especially without the consent of one's partner.

Example: 1964 July 18, "Ann Landers—Your Problems," Saskatoon Star-Phoenix (Canada), p. 8 (retrieved 26 Sep. 2011):
  Their daughter is being married in haste because she had the misfortune to go out with a terrible young man who took her to a wild beach party, got her drunk, and then had his way with her.
2004 May 12, "FSC student acquitted of 2002 campus sex assault," Worcester Telegram & Gazette (USA), p. 8 (retrieved 26 Sep. 2011):
  "She passed out, and when she passed out he had his way with her," Assistant District Attorney Anthony J. Marotta told the jury in his closing argument.