Knock Out Meaning

(sports) To eliminate.

Example:   I accidentally knocked out the glass in my picture frame.‎
  The boxer knocked out his opponent in the third round.‎
1918, W. B. Maxwell, chapter 22, The Mirror and the Lamp:
  In the autumn there was a row at some cement works about the unskilled labour men. A union had just been started for them and all but a few joined. One of these blacklegs was laid for by a picket and knocked out of time.
  The allergy pill knocked him out for a good three hours.‎
  Running errands all day really knocked him out.‎
  They knocked out the entire project in one night.‎
  The antitank gun knocked out the enemy tank.‎
2011 December 15, Marc Higginson, “Shamrock Rovers 0-4 Tottenham”, BBC Sport:
  Tottenham were knocked out of the Europa League, despite a comfortable victory over Shamrock Rovers in Dublin.