Look To Meaning

(idiomatic) To take care of.

Example:   Whenever I'm upset, I look to Mary to cheer me up.‎
1906, Stanley J. Weyman, Chippinge Borough, chapterI:
  But the lout looked only to his market, and was not easily repulsed. ¶ "He's there, I tell you," he persisted. "And for threepence I'll get you to see him. Come on, your honour! It's many a Westminster election I've seen, and beer running, from Mr. Fox, […] when maybe it's your honour's going to stand! Anyway, it's, Down with the mongers!"
1874, Thomas Hardy, Far From the Madding Crowd, Ch.4:
  He thoroughly cleaned his silver watch-chain with whiting, put new lacing straps to his boots, looked to the brass eyelet-holes, went to the inmost heart of the plantation for a new walking-stick, and trimmed it vigorously on his way back; […].