• Mad Definition & Synonyms

  1. (n.) An earthworm.
  2. (superl.) Disordered in intellect; crazy; insane.
  3. (superl.) Proceeding from, or indicating, madness; expressing distraction; prompted by infatuation, fury, or extreme rashness.
  4. () p. p. of Made.
  5. (superl.) Angry; out of patience; vexed; as, to get mad at a person.
  6. (superl.) Having impaired polarity; -- applied to a compass needle.
  7. (superl.) Excited beyond self-control or the restraint of reason; inflamed by violent or uncontrollable desire, passion, or appetite; as, to be mad with terror, lust, or hatred; mad against political reform.
  8. (n.) The name of a female fairy, esp. the queen of the fairies; and hence, sometimes, any fairy.
  9. (superl.) Extravagant; immoderate.
  10. (v. i.) To be mad; to go mad; to rave. See Madding.
  11. (superl.) Furious with rage, terror, or disease; -- said of the lower animals; as, a mad bull; esp., having hydrophobia; rabid; as, a mad dog.
  12. (n.) A slattern.
  13. (v. t.) To make mad or furious; to madden.

Brainsick, Crazy, Delirious, Demented, Distracted, Disturbed, Excited, Frantic, Huffy, Insane, Sick, Sore, Unbalanced,

• Ma Definition & Synonyms

  1. (conj.) But; -- used in cautionary phrases; as, "Vivace, ma non troppo presto" (i. e., lively, but not too quick).
  2. (n.) A childs word for mother.
  3. (n.) In Oriental countries, a respectful form of address given to a woman; mother.

Am, Bay State, Mama, Mamma, Mammy, Mater, Milliampere, Mum, Mummy,

• Madreporite Definition & Synonyms

  1. (n.) The madreporic plate of echinoderms.
  2. (n.) A fossil coral.

• Mad-apple Definition & Synonyms

  1. (n.) See Eggplant.