Moon On A Stick Meaning

(idiomatic) Everything; all that one could desire (especially as an unreasonable demand).

Example: 2002, Donald Clarke, Billie Holiday: Wishing on the Moon
  Once I saved twenty-five dollars and bought her a print gown for her birthday, and she was so pleased you'd have thought I'd given her the moon on a stick.
2002, Martin Parker, Utopia and organization
  There is no point in asking for the moon on a stick, but we can produce cheap sticks through a sensible division of labour and sell them with effective market segmentation strategies. Leave the moon for dreamers.
2006, Stella Hyde, Tonwen Jones, Snarling Tiger, Dirty Rat
  You promise partners the moon on a stick, so that you can snatch it back easily when you change your mind.
2007, Pamela Cotterill, Sue Jackson, Gayle Letherby, Challenges and Negotiations for Women in Higher Education
  What more do I want — the moon on a stick of course.