Nut Out Meaning

(idiomatic, US) To become crazy, especially with rage.

Example: 1965, William James Cameron, New Zealand, page 136,
  […] when he boasted that the finer points of glassmaking “had to be nutted out by Kiwis on the spot.”
1982, Ronald Hugh Morrieson, Predicament, page 89,
  On the Monday afternoon, at about four o'clock, Mervyn said, “Well, we′re doing a lot of sitting around gas, gas, gas, but it seems to me we′ve got everything there is to nut out, nutted out. […] ”
1997, Paul Freeman, Ian Roberts: Finding Out, page 70,
  In ′86 Frank helped Ian nut out his first contract—$26,000 a year— […] .
2003, Australian House of Representatives, Parliamentary Debates (Hansard): House of Representatives, Volume 259, page 22823,
  An inquiry takes place and more often than not all sides of politics — I should use ‘all’ rather than ‘both’ with the member for Cunningham sitting opposite — get together and nut out something, compromising a little bit here or there to come up with a final result.
2010, Stefan Korn, Scott Lancaster, Eric Mooij, Being a Great Dad For Dummies, Australian & New Zealand Edition,page 273,
  Nutting out our own way of doing things may take some work, but we get there.
1981, Amiri Baraka, Black America and the Afro-American Nation: The Urban Voice, Michael C. Jaye, Ann Chalmers Watts (editors), Literature & the American Urban Experience: Essays on the City and Literature, page 156,
  There was also the Black political pimp syndrome where a few middle-class and bourgeois negroes got big off the people′s struggles, and then nutted out completely, joining forces with our enemies, as agents, messengers, sophisticated stool pigeons, professional confusers.
1994, Eric Cummins, The Rise and Fall of California's Radical Prison Movement, page 254,
  The day we found out George Jackson was murdered he nutted out. I was there, at Shirley Sutherland′s house in Beverly Hills,* the afternoon we heard George Jackson was murdered, and he nutted out at this meeting, right there.
2005, The Lincoln Lawyer, unnumbered page,
  I tried not to think about clients who were in prison without appellate hopes or anything else left but years of time in front of them to nut out.