On The Money Meaning

(idiomatic) In the correct position; on target; precisely accurate; accurately.

Example: 1987 July, Maj. Michael B. Perini, USAF, "In Good Hands with Gold 11," Air Force Magazine, vol. 70, no. 7 (retrieved 10 May 2014):
  Two of the A-4s landed on the money. The third was not so lucky.
2008 Oct. 10, Richard Friebe, "How Nobel Winners Spend Their Prize Money: Al Gore," Time (retrieved 10 May 2014):
  For years, Gore had been dismissed, even ridiculed, for his traveling Power Point extravaganza warning about climate change. . . . Today, few would disagree that Al was pretty much on the money.
2011 Aug. 19, The Secret Footballer, "For new boys there's nothing like the big time," The Guardian (UK) (retrieved 10 May 2014):
  I always felt that Bob Dylan was on the money when he sang: "When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose."
2013 Feb. 1, Robert Peele, "New Cars: Nissan Versa SL," New York Times (retrieved 10 May 2014):
  Its mileage claims were right on the money.