Oreo Cookie Meaning

(slang, sexual) A threeway involving two black participants and one white participant between them

Example: 1997, Philip Herbst, The Color of Words, page 172
  oreo cookie, derogatory term from the 1960s, from the trade name for the cookies consisting of two chocolate biscuits sandwiching a white creamy center. Oreo is used for a black person — black on the outside white on the inside.
1998, Susan T. Fiske, Daniel Todd Gilbert, Gardner Lindzey, The handbook of social psychology, Volume 2, page 379
  other subtypes (Uncle Tom, Oreo cookie) might be salient in other contexts.
2009, James Sullivan, The Hardest Working Man: How James Brown Saved the Soul of America, link
  You don't have to be like an Oreo cookie, brother
2011, Wade Wright, Jay, Jake and Jimmy, page 59
  Jake and I did not know if it was going to be a white guy or a black guy, and I kind of think it might have turned out, to be a white guy. Jake, I think maybe we just completed the ole Oreo cookie thing! Don't you?”