Pass in English

Pass meaning in Urdu to English is By Pass. Pass synonym word is Aside, Away, Bye, Past and Side. Similar words of Pass are also commonly used in daily talks like Peecha hatana, Bura waqat ka lia kuch bachay rakh na, Larkhrana, and Larkhrana.

pass Meaning
By پاس
pass Sentence & Examples
  • A rich man happened to pass that way.
  • And soon developed a passion for work.
  • Had he worked hard, he would have passed.
By Definition & Meaning in English
  1. (a.) Out of the common path; aside; -- used in composition, giving the meaning of something aside, secondary, or incidental, or collateral matter, a thing private or avoiding notice; as, by-line, by-place, by-play, by-street. It was formerly more freely used in composition than it is now; as, by-business, by-concernment, by-design, by-interest, etc.
  2. (pref.) Against.
  3. (adv.) Aside; as, to lay by; to put by.
  4. (pref.) With, as means, way, process, etc.; through means of; with aid of; through; through the act or agency of; as, a city is destroyed by fire; profit is made by commerce; to take by force.
  5. (pref.) On; along; in traversing. Compare 5.
  6. (pref.) Near to, while passing; hence, from one to the other side of; past; as, to go by a church.
  7. (adv.) Near; in the neighborhood; present; as, there was no person by at the time.
  8. (adv.) Passing near; going past; past; beyond; as, the procession has gone by; a bird flew by.
  9. (pref.) Used in specifying adjacent dimensions; as, a cabin twenty feet by forty.
  10. (pref.) In the neighborhood of; near or next to; not far from; close to; along with; as, come and sit by me.

Pass Meaning in English

Urdu Word pass is commonly used in verbal communication or written narratives. pass meaning in English is By پاس. This Roman to Urdu Dictionary is helping those who want to learn the meaning of words from a reliable source. pass word meaning along with pass definition is given here for a better understanding of the meaning of that word. We have provided here the detailed definition of pass, it's meaning in English, and the correct pronunciation of the word.

Dictionary always plays a vital role in learning a new language as knowing the exact use of the word is important. Find the correct meaning of pass in English with all the key details that include Pronunciation, Similar words, and more than 1 definition for better understanding. Peecha hatana, Bura waqat ka lia kuch bachay rakh na, Larkhrana, and Larkhrana are similar words of pass. This Roman to English dictionary is more helpful to search the English meaning without any hassle.

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