Punjabi To Urdu Dictionary

Languages are a key component of communication. There are roughly 6,500 languages are spoken in the world today, Punjabi is one of them. Around 125 million native speakers of the Punjabi language live in the world. While In Indo Pak Subcontinent there is a huge percentage of people that speak Punjabi. Punjabi to the Urdu dictionary is the need of all time as it helps people to learn a new language. Hamariweb has brought an amazing online dictionary. We honestly hope that our automatic translator will help and simplify the Punjabi-Urdu translation of texts.

Punjabi Word Urdu Meaning
چنگا اچھا
آنڑا یہاں آؤ
سوکھا آسان
ودھیا عمدہ
سوہنڑا خوبصورت
دُوجا/ہور دوسرا/ دیگر
ٹھکانڑا جگہ / مقام
رہنڑا رہنا
ہور زیادہ
زمانہ/ویلا وقت
واری موڑ
کھوہ خوب
دید دیکھنا
ٹوٹا حصہ
اسیں ہم
لوڑ ضرورت
وَڈا بڑا
آپنڑا / ساڈا اپنا
ہُنڑے اب
نواں نیا
سوچنڑا سوچنا
تُہاڈا تمہارا

Punjabi to Urdu Dictionary:

- The Punjabi language is mainly spoken in the northwestern parts of India and some regions of Pakistan. Punjabi is the official language of the state of Punjab. Punjabi is an Indo-Aryan language developed from Old Indo-Aryan Language. By 300 BC Old Aryan Languages developed into many local dialects known as Middle Indo-Aryan dialects. Pakistan is a multi-social, multi-lingual, assorted society. Punjabi is the most generally communicated language in Pakistan, being the local language of 44% of its populace. It is the common language in the Punjab Province. The Punjabi to Urdu dictionary is also a bilingual dictionary that is utilized by a large number of people. As both languages are spoken in Pakistan, it further increased its importance in the country. Hamariweb is providing Punjabi to Urdu online dictionary with updated meanings. This Pakistani Punjabi to Urdu dictionary will help you to be bilingual. It would be a great help in the Punjabi to Urdu learning and Punjabi to Urdu typing as well.

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Punjabi is an authority provincial language of Pakistan, alongside English and Urdu. It is utilized in all circles of official and ordinary correspondence by individuals. It is a need for time to have an entry that could help individuals to learn and know the essentials of any language. Punjabi to Urdu Dictionary will assist you with deciphering the Punjabi word in the Urdu language. It will support individuals who need to learn it. It will likewise help tourists visiting different regions of Punjab. New Pakistani Punjabi vocabulary could also be learned by this Punjabi to Urdu dictionary online. Urdu words in Punjabi and Punjabi words in Urdu can be check easily. The Punjabi to Urdu Dictionary will assist all with being bilingual and bother free correspondence.