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Sindhi to Urdu dictionary is one of the most use full dictionaries for people living in Pakistan, especially in Sindh. Pakistan is a multicultural country where almost 300 dialects and languages are spoken in the country as per Philologists. Sindhi is considering as one of the most spoken languages. Sindhi to Urdu dictionary helps people to learn Sindhi with Urdu meanings. Hamariweb is providing Sindhi to Urdu Online dictionary to provide an authentic platform to all. Any word from the Sindhi language can be translated in Urdu without any hassle. This will help not only the people looking for Sindhi to Urdu meanings but also the students, tourists as well as office workers. This is a free online translator which will surely help you translate a text in the Urdu language from Sindhi.

Sindhi Word Urdu Meaning
بي پرواه بے شعوری
تڪليف زحمت
تمغو تمغہ
موقعي موقع
بي ترتيب بے ترتیب
بي ايمان بے وفا
هيڏان اچو ادھر آو
سرکاری طور پر سرڪاري طور تي
ظاهر ڪريو ظاهر ہونا
سڪون سکون
دیہی ڳوٺاڻو
سهڻو خوبصورت
کاڌو خوراک
باھ آگ

Sindhi to Urdu Dictionary

- Sindhi is the second largest language spoken in Pakistan and is the only regional language. This language is mostly used and spoken with Sindhis, as well as other indigenous languages in Sindh like Lasi, Kachhi, Thari, and Sindhi Seraiki. The Sindhi to Urdu dictionary is also a bilingual dictionary that is utilized by a large number of people. As both languages are spoken in Pakistan, it further increased its importance in the country. Hamariweb brings huge data of Sindhi to Urdu word translation. Just type the desired word in the search bar to get the Urdu meaning. Hamariweb is providing Sindhi to Urdu online dictionary with updated meanings. This Pakistani Sindhi to Urdu dictionary will help you to be bilingual. It would be a great help in Sindhi to Urdu learning and Sindhi to Urdu typing as well.

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Sindhi is the official language of the Pakistani province of Sindh. It is the 2nd largest spoken language spoken in Pakistan. Indo-Aryan language is spoken by about 23 million people in Pakistan, mostly living in the southeastern province of Sindh, where it has official status, and in the adjacent Las Bela district of Baluchistan. To cater to the need of people related to such a widely spoken language of Pakistan, Hamariweb dedicates this page for Sindhi to Urdu Dictionary. Now easily all the Urdu meanings of Sindhi Language words can be found. It will likewise help tourists visiting different regions of Sindh. New Pakistani Sindhi vocabulary could also be learned by this Sindhi to Urdu dictionary online. Urdu words in Sindhi and Sindhi words in Urdu can be check easily. The Sindhi to Urdu Dictionary will assist all with being bilingual and bother free correspondence.