Resting Synonyms & Definitions

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• RestingDefinition & Meaning in English

  1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Rest
  2. () a. & n. from Rest, v. t. & i.

• RestDefinition & Meaning in English

  1. (n.) A state of quiet or repose; a cessation from motion or labor; tranquillity; as, rest from mental exertion; rest of body or mind.
  2. (n.) To stand firm; to be fixed; to be supported; as, a column rests on its pedestal.
  3. (n.) To cease from action or motion, especially from action which has caused weariness; to desist from labor or exertion.
  4. (n.) Sleep; slumber; hence, poetically, death.
  5. (n.) That which is left, or which remains after the separation of a part, either in fact or in contemplation; remainder; residue.
  6. (v. t.) To arrest.
  7. (n.) To be free from whanever wearies or disturbs; to be quiet or still.
  8. (n.) That on which anything rests or leans for support; as, a rest in a lathe, for supporting the cutting tool or steadying the work.
  9. (n.) A surplus held as a reserved fund by a bank to equalize its dividends, etc.; in the Bank of England, the balance of assets above liabilities.
  10. (n.) A projection from the right side of the cuirass, serving to support the lance.
  11. (n.) A place where one may rest, either temporarily, as in an inn, or permanently, as, in an abode.
  12. (n.) To sleep; to slumber; hence, poetically, to be dead.
  13. (n.) Hence, freedom from everything which wearies or disturbs; peace; security.
  14. (n.) To lean in confidence; to trust; to rely; to repose without anxiety; as, to rest on a mans promise.
  15. (n.) The striking of a balance at regular intervals in a running account.
  16. (n.) A set or game at tennis.
  17. (n.) Those not included in a proposition or description; the remainder; others.
  18. (v. t.) To lay or place at rest; to quiet.
  19. (n.) To lie; to repose; to recline; to lan; as, to rest on a couch.
  20. (n.) Silence in music or in one of its parts; the name of the character that stands for such silence. They are named as notes are, whole, half, quarter,etc.
  21. (v. i.) To be left; to remain; to continue to be.
  22. (v. t.) To place, as on a support; to cause to lean.
  23. (n.) A short pause in reading verse; a c/sura.
  24. (n.) To be satisfied; to acquiesce.

• RestinguishDefinition & Meaning in English

  1. (v. t.) To quench or extinguish.