Toy Boy Meaning

(idiomatic, colloquial) A young male lover of a significantly older woman or man.

Example: 2004, Pauline Lobban, Double Lives of Teachers, page 176:
  Miriam returned to work three weeks later with a new wardrobe and her toy boy lover had a brand new Toyota Camry.
2010, Noelani Morrell, Crisp Whites, page 233:
  The anger bubbled up in him, "So that's it, is it? Thanks for all the fucking, that was tops, but I've got this real life that I'm not going to... disrupt for some teenage toy boy—is that the situation, Nina?” His face was twisted with fury.
2010, Marian Janssen, Not at All What One Is Used To: The Life and Times of Isabella Gardner: page 94,
  Gardner alone did not judge Congdon for his sexual orientation; even Robert, who in his mid-twenties as a budding artist also had become very close to Congdon, condemned him for his secretive, complicated relationships, which often involved much younger or uneducated toy boys.