Is Masala Chaat A Healthy Snack?

Masala chat fry is a healthy snack which is much likely to eat on iftar Parties. It is a hot tangy and sweet snack which is famous because of the tart masala taste.
Is Masala Chaat A Healthy Snack?

You will need potato, tomato, onion, gram seeds, Chillis, masala and salt to make this appetizing dish. After following the recipe mentioned on the site you can easily make it.

Mothers usually make this dish because they themselves like it a lot. It is famous that women love spicy and tangy dishes. You can find it on the Iftar table of every house.

If your family is planning for a picnic and you are not sure which snack you should pack along with you. You can make it in no time and pack it along with you. It’s healthy tasty and energetic at the same time.

Gram seeds and potato are the main ingredients which add healthy taste to the dish and of course the masala for spicy taste.

You can also make chat masala at home to garnish it at the end before serving it to your family.

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