Ramadan is the most awaited time for everyone in Muslim society. We love the food which only appears in this month especially, here are the top 10 foods in Ramadan. Even we are having food or trying new dishes throughout the whole year still there are plenty of things that are specialties of Ramadan only. Asians especially Pakistani they did not eat to live they live to eat. We are going to tell you top 10 foods in Ramadan.


The most popular among the top 10 foods in Ramadan are Pakoras. Did you ever think of making pizza without cheese or sweet without sugar sounds bland? Similarly, iftar in Ramadan cannot happen without pakora. This pakora has several types basically this snack is made by gram flour which is the main ingredient some spices, potato, onions are added. All these things together make a mixture and then we deep fry them until the crisp came out.

2- Fruit Chaat
One of the most refreshing foods in the top 10 foods in Ramadan is fruit chat during Ramadan. Not only is tastes good that’s why people have it. Fruit chat is the healthiest thing to have when you are fasting for all day. As it is clear by the name it is a mixture of several fruits and a fresh cream. The simplest and the delicious dessert ever.

3- Dahi Barhy
Dahibarhy is one of the flavorful and refreshing foods in Ramadan. Dahibarhy is the must one food in the top 10 foods in Ramadan. Basically small balls of gram flour are made and included them into yogurt. It is a sweet dish even it does not take too much time to cook it’s like an instant dish. Some people make these gram balls at home but these are available at bakeries as well don’t forget these are available only in Ramadan.

4- Pheni / Sewiyan
Pheni or sewiyan are also available only in this month. You won’t see it for the whole year then. These are thin and silky sewiyan are resemble like noodles but are not noodles. People love to have it in sehri. It is similar to your corn flex. You add them with some hot milk, sugar if you want and it’s ready. It is light yet healthy to eat.

5- Chana Chaat
Chana chaat is like a whole meal and one the most desi dish on the table at iftar. It is a mixture of grams, potatoes, onions, tomatoes and some spicy spices are included in this delicious dish.

6- Roll / Samosa
Asians especially Pakistani people are always up roll and samosa every time. Roll\Samosa is a must in the top 10 foods in Ramadan. It is like a snack with tea. But in Ramadan, it becomes one of the necessary things for iftar. These are made with vegetables as well as with meat too. One can buy it from shops bakeries or some people love to eat it homemade.

7- Kachori
Kachori is another mouth-watering food. It is available in several types some people love to have it stuffed. Others love to have it with alu ki bujiya. Either this food is available in the market but some people love to make it at home.

8- Spaghetti
There are numerous kinds of spaghetti people make during Ramadan. Some love to have made it with vegetable others with chicken. It is like an instant recipe that does not require much time to be cooked

Pasta is like a whole new world to explore because of too many varieties in it. Pasta is optional in the top 10 foods in Ramadan. During Ramadan, everyone tries to make pasta by their recipes. Some include cheese others don’t it can be anyone’s experimental food.

Kabab has several ways to be cooked or to eat as well. Some people have it with paratha, others have it in a burger, and some love to eat it plain. Kababs are ones that made people freeze them and gradually eat it to the whole month of Ramadan.

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