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This recipe gave me the new taste of the keri ka murabba which has the really good and the amazing step by step method what we really want
By: abeha, Form: panjab, on 30 Aug, 2019
This keri ka murabba is looking so delicious that makes the water in mine mouth so I am thinking about trying to make it one for taste it
By: huba, Form: karachi, on 05 Jul, 2019
Here I just learned that how to make keri ka murabba with the brilliant taste and has the really good way of making Murabba too good
By: resham, Form: islamabad, on 03 Jul, 2019
thanks for such an amazing , simple and easy recipe . I loved this recipe. Now I can make easily sauce at home by using this recipe.
By: akansha, Form: lahore, on 05 May, 2019
This keri ka mjurabba recipe is very easily mentioned in this online page who we easily follow that form there to make that at our hone to our family
By: azra, Form: multan, on 05 May, 2019
Grilled chicken with garlic sauce recipe is very tasty this is nice very amazing grill
By: Kashaf, Form: Lahore, on 28 Jan, 2019
Nice tasty sauce i am made first time sauce in home very good shawarma sauce
By: Daniyal, Form: Rawalpindi, on 25 Jan, 2019
Keri ka murabba is the best made i am find a right for me recipe it is good made
By: Rehana, Form: Lahore, on 24 Jan, 2019
Keri Ka Murabba sweet halwa dessert that is rich and absolutely delicious is one of the lovely sweet Dish I have tried and after tasting it's really unique taste and make at home it at last week.I want make my family and that make it so good and delicious taste as everyone like to eat.I found this recipe O found this recipe I try many recipe its quite easy.
By: Mariam, Form: karachi, on 26 Oct, 2018
This sauce is really tasty dish ever that we make that easily to make at home it's really unique taste.I want make my family it so good and delicious taste as everyone like to eat.I try many recipe and I found this recipe it quite easy.
By: adiba, Form: Multan, on 24 Oct, 2018

Sauce Recipes

Sauce Recipe in Urdu - Sauce is a thin or creamy condiment which enhances the flavour of the food. The word comes from the Latin word “salsus” which means salted. Sauces are an important part of cooking especially in Chinese cuisine. But now, in Pakistani cuisine, we also add different kinds of sauces to make them flavorful. Some sauces are available in the market, others we can make at home by the help of these amazing sauce recipes in Urdu presented by hamariweb. Sauce recipes for different kinds of cuisines or as a side condiment are available on this site.

Sauces make the food tasty and colorful. These days some recipes are incomplete without sauce like Singaporean rice are not worthy of eating without the mayo sauce. Chilli garlic sauce is necessary for the chicken wings. Sauce recipes for chicken, sauce recipes for rice, sauce recipes for pasta, sauce recipes for steak are available on this page for making scrumptious recipes.

Vegetables are not everyone’s choice. But the sauce recipes for vegetables make them worthy of eating. You can add different kinds of sauces to the vegetables and toss them in olive oil to eat healthy. They become healthy and tasty at the same time. Sauce recipes in urdu are provided which can be taken in different manners.

Some famous sauces recipes which are used as a side condiment or as the addition to the main course meal are as follows :
• Tartar sauce
• Pesto sauce
• Alfredo sauce
• Cheese sauce
• Hollandaise sauce
• Thousand island sauce
• Teriyaki sauce
• BBQ sauce
• Tomato sauce
• Pizza sauce
• Shawarma sauce
• Caramel sauce
• Chocolate sauce
• Chilli sauce
• White sauce and the list are too long.

Sauces are called chutney in Urdu. The different desi sauces are made in our home to try with different dishes. Like in Ramadan we make imli ki chutney and podine ki chutney woth pakoras to serve. Aloo bukharey ki chutney is also one of the most favourite chutney among the desi sauces. You can click on your desired Sauce Recipes in Urdu to check out the ingredients and method.