Malaysia Professional Visa

(Waseem Khurram Shaikh, Mississauga )

Migrating to Australia, Canada, UK and USA are getting tougher due to stricter requirements. Many applications have been delayed as long as 5 to 6 years or more. Below are just a few examples of world immigration programs:-

Most investments under the USA EB5 program (USD 500,000) are not profitable due to economic weakness. Australia has imposed stricter requirement for PR (Permanent Resident) application in which applicants are required to speak fluent English.

Australia’s immigration for the investors program requires individuals to have a net asset of AUD 1.12 to AUD 2.25 million, and must invest AUD 750 K to 1.5 mil in the Treasury.

Singapore has ceased all intake of investment immigration eligibility for PR status. Property prices in these places are sky rocketing, and many are beyond reach! This has made the living cost too expensive for most expatriates.

Most countries in European zones and USA are currently unfavourable due to weak economies and may remain permanent recession in years to come! Malaysia has liberalized its foreign investment policies, allowing many sectors such as tourism, trading, wholesale, retail, etc. to be 100% foreign owned.

Malaysia is peaceful, stable, and free from major natural disasters like tsunamis, earthquakes, volcano and major floods.

Living in Malaysia is affordable compared to live in Singapore and Hong Kong. The food safety and air quality is good in Malaysia. Airlines connectivity to most cities in China is easy with many airlines available. Population in Malaysia is only 28 million, with far less density compared to China of 1.3 billion.

Malaysia’s food, water and air are cleaner! Malaysia is also a country of many greens! Immigrants loves to relate themselves to these few important basics where Malaysia easily available! Rapid development in many countries causing stressful, intense living and poor air quality has encouraged many seniors and retiree to look elsewhere to live!

It is easier to travel back home should they wanted to visit their relatives. Traveling is even more convenient now coupled with cheaper cost offered by AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines with many direct flights to many cities in region.

In the recent years, the quality of education in Malaysia has improved, and much immigrants began to recognize Malaysia’s good education!

Many people, especially foreigners are wondering if Malaysia is the right place to invest business! Malaysia is a place of growth. A place of stability with abundance of business investment opportunities in Malaysia welcoming foreigners.

Once they identified the business activities intend to perform in Malaysia, the next step to know is how to /incorporate a Malaysian Company Sdn Bhd.

The recent two years (2011-2013), Malaysia is enjoying some improve ranking and positions in various categories added good news with an encouraging business sentiment to both locals and the foreigners!

To be efficient and hassle free, call on us for consultation on how we can assist you in setting up your business in Malaysia start from incorporating a Malaysian Company Sdn Bhd for you!

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Actually I have Saudi Ikama that's why I easily get the Malaysian Visa to continue my filed as a professional way, this such a lovely Muslim country.
By: bilal, khi on Apr, 15 2018
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There is no PR Visa for Malaysia so please don't write false things here and increase the hope of people.
By: Wasif, Karachi on Feb, 13 2018
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The person who is writing this article is sitting in Canada and advising other people do not apply for Austraila and Canada also providing consultancy services for Malaysia, great!
By: Sabir, Karachi on Feb, 02 2018
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Every country has its own plus points and negativities. But it depends on every individual need and circumstances, on which he/she takes the decision to migrate.
By: Humera, Karachi on Jan, 18 2018
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So, you wrote this articles just to sell your consultancy services...lolzz :) . As per my point of view, Google search engine can give best and trustworthy consultancy without any service charges :)
plus, it's better to visit country's official website in which one wants to visit.
Best Regards,
By: AlamG, Lahore on Apr, 14 2014
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