Old Age Homes in Pakistan

(Shumaila Kiran, bhakkar)


The topic which is given to me for writing is whether old age homes age blessings or a sign of curse. I thought about it so deeply and from all my observation and as a Muslim I conclude that it is a curse for us, our Islamic society and for our new generation because they will also ship from their respective duties to see us. And these all words are my own feelings and some kindness of my respected teacher and friend. So as a Muslim I consider it a big curse for society and I have explained this view by many ideas and these all ideas comes to me from some teachers, old people and some books.
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If it is place that only feeds and shelters the aging without giving them much if any care or social life, then I would say it is a curse. If it is a clean, safe, well-organized place that has outings for the olds, feeds the olds nourishing food, provides good care, has areas for the olds to do activities and socialize then I would say that it is a boon. A lot of people are very reluctant to go to a care centre, only to love it once they are there and are sorry they did n't go there sooner.



1. Introduction
2. Old age homes
3. Aging
4. Physical changing in old ages
5. Psychological effects on old people
6. Social aspects
7. Conclusion

Old age homes basically are the source of shelter and care for the old age people but it is a curse or boon, we can decide these issues according to situations. I want to describe my topic by four aspects as physically, mentally, economically and socially.

Physical changing in old ages:-

People adapted many physical changing in old ages. These changes may be inside or outside the body.

Firstly the main changing occurs in the bones and joint, of old people. Thinning and shrinkage occurs in the bones and loss of weight occurs, joint becomes weak and two main diseases occurs osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

Secondly digestive system becomes less efficient. Digestive disorders may occur such as difficulty in swallowing, inability to eat enough and to absorb nutrition, constipation and bleeding.

Thirdly regenerative abilities becomes low and tissues also becomes weakens, skin loss its elasticity and have be dries, lined and wrinkled .lungs expand less well and low amount of oxygen could be absorbed by them.

Fourthly heart and immune system are less efficient in old ages. Loss of stamina occurs and old people cannot bear any severe situations.

Fifthly, hair loss occurs, audio and visual disturbance occurs in old ages. Vocal cord also weakens and breathy voice evolves. 26.7 million People face disturbance in their old ages in hearing and eyesight also diminishes, glasses use is common in old ages mostly of different angles and eyesight.

Lastly, sexual activities after 60 years in old age people are less efficient and the phenomenon of sexuality becomes deficient in old women and men. These are the main physical changing which occurs in old ages people.

Mental effects on old people:-

Psychologically old age people effected severely. Much thinking is that which have put some severe effects on their mind and disturbs their mentality.

Firstly mood is often depressed in old age. Mood is not pleasant in that age. Minds become house of thinking and revolve between the circles of problems. So due to these reasons their mind disturbs.

Secondly feelings of insecurity are revolving in the minds of old age people. Old people feel insecurity from their children and relatives because they go to spend their marvelous life with their own family and keep their parents at side and they feel insecurity and fear that their children make them homeless.

Thirdly the psychological issue is the alienation means withdrawal of affection. When they reach at their elder stage, they do not care their parents. Withdrawal of affection occurs and due to loss of attention and care they feel alienation and take it on mind, and it badly effects on their mind.

Fourthly in old age people feel repention at that stage of their life they feel sad. And a sorrowful feelings for their sin. They try their best to do more virtues. They feel repention on their all sins and their mind is out of pace and relaxation. So this repention puts deep effects on the mind of old age people psychologically.

Fifthly old age people dispose off effects on their behavior. Old people have critical thinking. They see the each aspects of life with a critical view. Their thinking at that stage has become much critical and some old people are narrow-minded, so they always think about those who are open-minded and become much critical. So these unpleasant moments put deep effects on their life and in some cases they become psycho patients.

These are all main mental marks which cause psychological senses of insecurity, alienation, repention, depression and reduced mental and cognitive abilities.

Social aspects of old age homes:-

As we discussed about senescence and physical changing in old people and psychological effects on the minds of old people which have put on their minds by the society and their children. Now I have discuss social aspects of old age homes that why old people feels requirement of old age homes? And I have discuss their about old age homes is a blessing or a curse.

First of all old age homes basically is a source of shelter and care for the old people where food is available to the old people but as we are Muslim and our Islam teaches us to do care of parents and respect them .so old age homes is a curse for our Islamic society. Islam favours about the care and respect of parents and says about to be servant of parents.

As in Quran Allah says in surah Ban-e-Israel.
And your God says that do not worship any other except him and deference your parents, if any one or both of them go to old age in front of you, do not rebuked on them and talked with them respectably.
(Surah ban-e-Israel ayah 23)

In this ayah Allah says about the respect of parent, trained us with many moral values and we throw them in old age homes on the support of other people as we know that they could not take better care of them than us. It is unpleasant source that falls the new generation in eyes of our parents. Old age homes are a curse for us and I describe it in some ways.

Firstly we should discourages old age homes otherwise it will becomes our fortune that if we have send our parents today in old age homes then one day we would go to these homes by our children.

Secondly the points to discourage the old age homes are not a part of our culture or traditions but people are adopting this. We will lose our moral values and our children too will repeat this. It is just a shelter made of concrete and bricks and nothing else. During old age love and care should be shelter otherwise in near future we would find ourselves shelterless.

Thirdly there is imperfection of love in the old age homes. In old age love and care is must for our parents because at that age they have tired from the life and problems, so at this critical stage of life they need a lot of love and care from their children. But when new generation sends them to old age homes unfortunately they remain deprived from love and care there but we don’t care for that thing but in fact we are unknown from our future that we also sends to these houses by our own children.

Fourthly, the food quality is low in the old age homes. We know that due to some physical changing old age people have less efficient digestive system and due to digestive disorders they have diseases like constipation, diabetes etc. Improper food could diseased their stomach. We can give them food according to their taste and health but in old age homes same meal is cooked for all and these cause many problems for them.

Fifthly, the point is that many depressions are that which they face in the life and now at that stage of life they want to live with calm and peace but in old age homes they fall prey of depressions because they live alone their but in fact they want to live with their family members and want to play with their grand children but in old age homes they deprive from all these joys, and depression are becomes their fate.



Sixthly, the disadvantages of old age homes is that old people disable earlier as physically and mentally, they detached from society and also respected family members. They detached from their family members and deprived from the affection, love and care of their friends, relatives and children. They could not discuss anything or any problem with their friends or any true relation.

Old people deprive from their sweet relations in these homes and it is ours bad fate that we deprive from respect and servings of our parents because God says about the care of our old parents and after the Allah and Holy prophet (PBUH) take care of them but new generation is so disobedient and unlucky that deprive from that blessing.

As Allah says in the Holy Quran,
And we took promise from Ban-e-Israel that does not worship any other except Allah and deference their parents.
(Surah Bakara ayah 73)

In this ayah Allah says about the respect of parents and also about the care of them after Him but our new generation is so disobedient that sends their old parents at old age homes. In that old age homes, our respected parents remains detached from society. They live all day and night at that houses and completely detached from society. They are disabled to give their opinion for the social affairs and problems and could not participate in any matter. It is a curse on our society that we keep deprived them from all these activities and social affairs and be a part to make them useless for all society.

Old people neglected and miss their families. Children also become deprived of the wisdom and intelligence of their grandparents and old moral values and get compromised and these all old moral values are about to be end. It is a big curse for the new generation. That they remain deprived from the moral values and many useful information because old age people have a bundle of experience and wisdom which they have learn from throughout of their life experiences but when they sends to old age homes children and our coming new generations lose these moral values and good chances unluckily. So it is a curse for our society, people and for the new generation. Children tend to dump their old parents in the vast circle of problems.

As we have looked that a father alone can bring up his seven sons but seven sons could not take care for their one father. A mother could not sleep when her baby has a low temperature but when he grows up; he leaves his mother in hardships. When children have grows up they forgot their parents and leave them. But this curse will go from generation to generation because if we send our parents to old age homes, the day isn’t so far when our generation will ship from their respective duties and we will be a part of these homes.

Materialistic endeavours of youth are fulfilled once the older generation is out of way. It is probably the fear that being abandoned that makes older people not let of their assets and remain financially independent for as long as they live. And for this reason we should discourage these homes because it is a curse for our society and we should be understood that our old parents are a lucky charm for us. As we know,
Old was Gold…….
Old is Gold…….
Old will be Gold always………

And Quran also says;
And one who deference his parents was best person and he was not disobedient and blessed on the day when he born and the day when he would die and the day when he would lift up alive toward God.
(Surah Maryam ayah 14)
 From the help of teachers.
 Take information from surrounding people.
 Ideas of old age people.
 From Holy Quran.

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A lot of people are very reluctant to go to a care centre, only to love it once they are there and are sorry they did not go there sooner.
By: yasir, khi on Apr, 08 2018
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I want to discuss my issue as my father is around 73 year old and i think his mental condition is not good always said abuse language to my other family members and to my mother specially and also he use too to fight with our community members and other relative members I am confuse as son what should I do many times I asked him to go to any doctor but he never accept his mental illness please help me what should I do with him. Jazak'Allah
By: Yasir, Karachi on Mar, 21 2018
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So as a Muslim I consider it a big curse for society and I have explained this view by many ideas and these all ideas comes to me from some teachers, old people and some books.
By: Sohail, Karachi on Feb, 19 2018
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My heart breaks when I see some women spending their last days in Old Age Home as our Islam do not preach such thing to their people.
By: Hina, Karachi on Feb, 08 2018
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Thi is not our society norms that we send our parents to such old home. I feel bad when I saw people sending their parents to old homes.
By: Rehman, Karachi on Jan, 30 2018
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People who live in old age homes go through a lot of problems but so do those who are kept at home. Its important to keep elderly heathy and happy place doesn’t mater.
By: Sarim, lahore on Jan, 14 2018
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Old age homes are very essential because not everyone is fortunate enough to have someone to take care of them in their illness.
By: kashif, Karachi on Jan, 12 2018
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Though our society has mixed ideas about old age homes. I think they are important in a society. People of extreme ages who can’t take care of themselves should have places where they are safely kept
By: sara, lahore on Jan, 09 2018
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Those senior citizens that have no any place for the shelter I think old age homes is the great curse and this is the purpose of its building, but in social society we noted that some wealthiest peoples also admit their parents to get rid from their take care.
By: areeb, khi on Dec, 25 2017
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Parents are the greatest blessing for us, in Islam gives the great courages to the rights of Parents. When the old, the caring of parents is a great virtue, but many unlucky peoples get the advantage of Old age home and admit their parents, it is certainly unfortunate for them.
By: faiz, khi on Dec, 20 2017
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I think the purpose of old age homes is just to take care in better environment, but we are noting that peoples using old age homes to admit their parents for life time. In every religion, the rights of parents are very respective.
By: iqbal, khi on Dec, 10 2017
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Being a Muslim, Parents are the greatest blessing of Allah. Those who serve with them when they are old, they get Jannah in the world, but I don’t think so whose the peoples who admit their parents in old age homes, in my opinion they are unlucky.
By: hamid, khi on Dec, 04 2017
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By: Absar, Karachi on Sep, 19 2017
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Old age home is certainly the best place for those old couples who dont have shelter. I think this facility is truly a blessing for homeless old people. There should be plenty of such shelter homes in our country as well.
By: Faryal, Karachi on Sep, 18 2017
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