Will Power

(Syed Musarrat Ali, Karachi)

All human brains have many common elements. “Will Power” is one of those which I am going to define as per my experience knowing that on this particular topic there is an unlimited amount of literature available at this very moment. The life is too short to attain all types of ideal experience but as we live in a competitive world hence the collection and storage procedure of the experience must also be by means of multidimensional and comparative study in practical life, prior to utilizing it for further reference, otherwise the outcome will not be purposeful and beneficial.

There are some pre-requisites of every achievement i.e. we must be very clear about the target, make our efforts to the last limit keeping in mind the worst results and must not lose hope at any moment is the thought needed to strengthen the Will Power. This is just like driving a vehicle on a bumpy road with upper limits of engine power and best possible shock absorbers. Every action is dependent on belief and belief is stronger if it is based on self experience. Normally the experience is not specifically recorded in our mind and we keep on experiencing many things without storing it. As we all know there is no match of experience therefore it is imperative that we must store it specifically to utilize it as reference for another situation created at that very moment. I can say confidently that most of the times I let my life sail on the waves of surroundings but when I decided to achieve any target, I did it. It might be in case of to be loved by whom I like, to win the final of my favorite sports, a goal in present profession or to completely switch over to a new profession as I believe that Genetic Science does not completely apply to the wish of any individual. The reason of this thought development was the observatory experience of watching the society where a child was tuning the carburetor of my car better than me without education and another child was repairing a television in a super fast manner as compared to a qualified person of the same trade. These observations made me think that why I can’t do any job I like and needed, hence started practicing through involvement in various types of professions voluntarily. This helped me to be least dependant on others and I became jack of all with master of one too which was my permanent profession for consecutive 41 years.

The whole exercise stated above is kind of yoga which explains that one should be focused on his target along with taking care of his surroundings which are being shared through mental interaction only and causing no physical impact on the body to improve the inner self. The practical experience and its implementation as above is the key to strengthen the “Will Power” and I am a totally changed personality as people relevant to me confirm including my family doctor and psychiatrist. Though I have been too personal in this case but this is a fact and may help someone to overcome a depressive phase of life.

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