Rush in Buses

(Taqdees Durrani, Karachi)

Almost every citizen of Karachi has experienced the public transport system of the city and 9 out of 10 times has fallen victim to the overcrowded rush of the passengers. The experience is worse than that of a crowd in a market selling stuff for free.

People who take the bus everyday to their, offices, schools, colleges, universities, shops etc are forced to endure this torture. Getting up at 6:00 am and stepping into a jam packed bus over filled with people hanging from ledges and corners reminds us about stuntmen in movies but in this scenario they are not payed but in fact are paying to do so.

These bus drivers disregard the safety of the people and don’t even think twice before boarding new passengers onto an already congested vehicle. What is worse about these insane conditions are the unhygienic conditions of the bus. A regular person has to suit up and look good for whatever destination he/she has to go but at the end of the trip is covered in sweat, his/her clothes covered with stains and his/her hair looks like it was not even attended to since the person woke up.

A lot of the time this rush becomes the cause of mental and physical stress which in turn results in on board fights about reasons so bizarre that in normal conditions one never even stops to think about.

A lot of the time the rush is so intense that one is not even able to hang on the make-shift poles and ends up risking falling down.

It is my humble plea to the Ministry of transport to take some major steps as soon as possible and assure proper support for poles for standing passengers to hold onto it and that no more than 25-30 passengers must be present on a mini-bus at a time.

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Due to the unbalanced ratio of population in Karachi all the plans and concepts by the Government are failed and it is caused rush in buses and all the transport activities.
By: zia, khi on Apr, 15 2018
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These bus drivers disregard the safety of the people and don’t even think twice before boarding new passengers onto an already congested vehicle which causes the accidents daily.
By: Danish, Karachi on Feb, 13 2018
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Thank God I dont travel to buses as I dont get the chance to travel much. However, I feel bad for such ladies who travel by buses.
By: Asma, Karachi on Feb, 02 2018
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Being an undergraduate student from middle class I use buses ever day twice or thrice. The condition is deadly. I don’t get tired at work but I get tired in the bus.
By: Farah, Karachi on Jan, 18 2018
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Well done. Keep it up.
By: Samreen Bokhari, Islamabad on Dec, 21 2010
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dear sir, your article is fantastic but unfortunately nobody able to woke on transport.
if some one do some thing good like green bus as well start new services regarding transport, the facilities become disappear as in our past. The green bus services has been started but not as services as in start of green bus.
By: Heena, karachi on Dec, 13 2010
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