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Deaf أصم
Deafen أصمم
Deafened مصم
Deafening الإصمام
Deafeningly على نحو باعث على الصمم
Deafens يصم
Deafer أصم

Definition & Synonyms

• Deaf

  1. (a.) Wanting the sense of hearing, either wholly or in part; unable to perceive sounds; hard of hearing; as, a deaf man.
  2. (a.) Decayed; tasteless; dead; as, a deaf nut; deaf corn.
  3. (a.) Obscurely heard; stifled; deadened.
  4. (a.) Unwilling to hear or listen; determinedly inattentive; regardless; not to be persuaded as to facts, argument, or exhortation; -- with to; as, deaf to reason.
  5. (a.) Deprived of the power of hearing; deafened.
  6. (v. t.) To deafen.

Deafen, Indifferent,

• Deaf-mutism

  1. (n.) The condition of being a deaf-mute.

• Deafened

  1. (imp. & p. p.) of Deafen