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Drama Meaning in Arabic

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Drama   المسرحية
Dramamine   دراماماين

Definition & Synonyms

• Drama

  1. (n.) Dramatic composition and the literature pertaining to or illustrating it; dramatic literature.
  2. (n.) A series of real events invested with a dramatic unity and interest.
  3. (n.) A composition, in prose or poetry, accommodated to action, and intended to exhibit a picture of human life, or to depict a series of grave or humorous actions of more than ordinary interest, tending toward some striking result. It is commonly designed to be spoken and represented by actors on the stage.


• Dramatical

  1. (a.) Of or pertaining to the drama; appropriate to, or having the qualities of, a drama; theatrical; vivid.

• Dramaturgic

  1. (a.) Relating to dramaturgy.