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Gene Meaning in French

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Definition & Synonyms
• Genera
  1. (n. pl.) See Genus.
  2. (pl. ) of Genus

• Generalize
  1. (v. t.) To apply to other genera or classes; to use with a more extensive application; to extend so as to include all special cases; to make universal in application, as a formula or rule.
  2. (v. i.) To form into a genus; to view objects in their relations to a genus or class; to take general or comprehensive views.
  3. (v. t.) To derive or deduce (a general conception, or a general principle) from particulars.
  4. (v. t.) To bring under a genus or under genera; to view in relation to a genus or to genera.

Infer, Popularize, Vulgarize,
• Generally
  1. (adv.) Collectively; as a whole; without omissions.
  2. (adv.) In a general way, or in general relation; in the main; upon the whole; comprehensively.
  3. (adv.) In general; commonly; extensively, though not universally; most frequently.

Broadly, Loosely, Mostly,
• Geneagenesis
  1. (n.) Alternate generation. See under Generation.

• Genealogist
  1. (n.) One who traces genealogies or the descent of persons or families.

• Generating
  1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Generate

• Generosity
  1. (n.) Liberality in giving; munificence.
  2. (n.) Noble birth.
  3. (n.) The quality of being noble; noble-mindedness.

• Generalizable
  1. (a.) Capable of being generalized, or reduced to a general form of statement, or brought under a general rule.

• Generification
  1. (n.) The act or process of generalizing.

• Generous
  1. (a.) Of honorable birth or origin; highborn.
  2. (a.) Characterized by generosity; abundant; overflowing; as, a generous table.
  3. (a.) Exhibiting those qualities which are popularly reregarded as belonging to high birth; noble; honorable; magnanimous; spirited; courageous.
  4. (a.) Full of spirit or strength; stimulating; exalting; as, generous wine.
  5. (a.) Open-handed; free to give; not close or niggardly; munificent; as, a generous friend or father.

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