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i want to learn german
Awais snam, jhelum Thu, Jul 10 2014

i want learn german lanuage.can u help me.I want higher education in germany
muhammad asim jamil, Lahore Tue, Mar 18 2014

i would like to learn the German language.
Rahat, Pakistan Peshawar Sun, Feb 09 2014

Yes am really interested to learn....but i couldn't get any material since am from Ethiopia.could you please help me on this...providing free books by mailing if possible?
asamenew, bahirdar Wed, Dec 11 2013

i want to learn german spoken as well as writing saima(pakistan)
saima, karachi Sun, Jul 21 2013

there many ways to learn German, have you tried an audio book?
gary, Laurelhill Sat, Apr 27 2013

i would like to learn the German language.Spoken as well as written.
Benoite, mumbai (india) Fri, Apr 19 2013

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German to English and English to German dictionary - Online english German dictionary more than 90000 english German words meanings. English German dictionary helps to find english translation of German words and urdu translation of english word. You can also search german to english by using urdu keyboard given at page. If you are unable to find your desired word's meaning then you can suggest us.

German to English and English to German dictionary - The English German translations are available online and are the most significant thing to look for. The main task of this page is to provide the authentic German to English translation. You can search for the relevant meanings, definitions, and synonyms for the German words. You can make addition of vocabulary/words in the list in case you are unable to locate certain word. This can be overwhelming in terms of enhancing better understanding of the language. You can find approximately more than 90,000 English German words and their respective meanings. The English German dictionary can assist the users to locate English translations of German words and relevant Urdu translation for English words. You can access the Urdu keyboard to search German to English words provided at the page.

HamariWeb offers its valuable users the best tool for learning German, the English German dictionary that includes the used words and expressions commonly, along with thousands of English words and their German translation that are added in the dictionary by the users. The professional translations from English to German are available in the specialized terms category of the dictionary.

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