Spanish Roman Urdu اردو 
jugo٬ zumo٬ gasolina ras رس
carne٬ sustancia٬ jugo gosht, Mass, Gosht bator ghiza گوشت٬ ماس ٬ گوشت بطور غذا

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I want to learn Spanish cors

Aruosh , Bilbao Sat 10 Feb, 2018

I want to understand spanish

Mareem fatma , Nyc Sun 17 Dec, 2017

i want to learn spenish language

Ahsan yazdani , Multan Thu 31 Aug, 2017

It is realty enjoy full to change the spanish words there in urdu so just try the every new word and change it there then share it with your friends

saman , sarfraz Wed 19 Oct, 2016

Mostly I am using this page for getting the right meanings in my language of Spanish and its really helpful for me because I am eager to read Spanish stories

Sarmad , Karachi Wed 05 Oct, 2016

I have many books of the dictionary I am very eager to read any type of book I have many stock of the many types of books

neha , thatta Thu 22 Sep, 2016

Spanish Urdu Dictionary can be accessed online through this page. Access this page to avoid any sort of ambiguity or difficulty that you might face during translations.

Lateef , Lahore Wed 31 Aug, 2016

I have many friends living in Spain. I can therefore, use this online Spanish Urdu Dictionary service to translate difficult words and phrases anytime anywhere.

Gauhar , Islamabad Thu 25 Aug, 2016

muja spanish seekhni ha plz help me

Zunair ZAkhmi , Bakhar Pakistan Sun 10 Jul, 2016

Bat wy ap kia kr rhi ho

betzy rivera , pencilvania Fri 08 Jul, 2016

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