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Shepherd Meaning in Arabic

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Shepherd راعي الغنم
Shepherded رعى
Shepherdess الراعية

Definition & Synonyms

• Shepherd

  1. (n.) A man employed in tending, feeding, and guarding sheep, esp. a flock grazing at large.
  2. (v. t.) To tend as a shepherd; to guard, herd, lead, or drive, as a shepherd.
  3. (n.) The pastor of a church; one with the religious guidance of others.

• Shepherdess

  1. (n.) A woman who tends sheep; hence, a rural lass.

• Shepherdism

  1. (n.) Pastoral life or occupation.

• Shepherdia

  1. (n.) A genus of shrubs having silvery scurfy leaves, and belonging to the same family as Elaeagnus; also, any plant of this genus. See Buffalo berry, under Buffalo.