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Sketch التخطيط
Sketchbook كراسة الرسم
Sketchbooks كراسات الرسم
Sketched مخطط
Sketcher الرسام
Sketches التخطيطات
Sketchier سطحي

Definition & Synonyms

• Sketch

  1. (v. i.) To make sketches, as of landscapes.
  2. (n.) To draw the outline or chief features of; to make a rought of.
  3. (n.) An outline or general delineation of anything; a first rough or incomplete draught or plan of any design; especially, in the fine arts, such a representation of an object or scene as serves the artists purpose by recording its chief features; also, a preliminary study for an original work.
  4. (n.) To plan or describe by giving the principal points or ideas of.

Adumbrate, Cartoon, Outline, Resume, Study, Survey, Vignette,

• Sketchiness

  1. (n.) The quality or state of being sketchy; lack of finish; incompleteness.

• Sketchy

  1. (a.) Containing only an outline or rough form; being in the manner of a sketch; incomplete.