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PHOTO: FILMFARE Rumours regarding Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’s wedding have always been rife. The two were always seen dodging questions .. Read More

Fox Star Studio Sacks Bollywood Director Over Harassment IssueEntertainment Desk (October 19, 2018): Fox Star Studios on Friday sacked a Bollywood dir .. Read More

PHOTO: UNILAD Fans have been eagerly waiting for HBO’s TV series Game of Thrones to hit screens early next year. While rumours of how the show w .. Read More

PHOTO: THE PIONEER Ever since the #MeToo movement kicked up a storm in Bollywood, many celebrities have come forward to name and shame some of the big .. Read More

PHOTO: PUBLICITY KARACHI:Pinky Memsaab aims to tell the story of multiple worlds colliding in Dubai. The trailer launched earlier this week and we’re .. Read More

PHOTO: BOLLYWOOD BAE He has a career spanning over four decades in the Hindi film industry and, as of 2017, has appeared in over 200 films. Actor Jack .. Read More

PHOTO: NEVHANVAROL We often tend to ignore the things we do on a daily basis. But these menial tasks can say a lot about our personality. The science .. Read More

In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Chopra said, “I wish I could work with Fawad. He would be such a great hero in our industry. He is so loved he .. Read More

Bollywood celebrity manager Anirban Das Blah, founder of KWAN Entertainment, reportedly attempted suicide following allegations of sexual misconduct. .. Read More

After singers Sona Mohapatra and Shweta Pandit, two more women have accused music composer Anu Malik of sexual harassment and predatory behaviour, acc .. Read More

Indian actor Rahul Raj Singh has accused screenwriter and producer Mushtaq Shiekh of sexual harassment and later destroying his career when he refused .. Read More

Thousands of Bangladeshi music fans on Friday mourned the sudden death of famous rock star Ayub Bachu, commonly known as AB among his fans. The deceas .. Read More

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, have touched down in Sydney for an official two week tour. During the visit, which is .. Read More

Rawalpindi Arts Council (RAC), in collaboration with literary society Bazm-e-Ahbab-e-Qalam, organised at event to pay tribute to literary services of .. Read More

Pakistani drama industry has undergone a few improvements as of late and a few quality projects were seen in the recent years. Dramas focusing on soci .. Read More

Coke Studio season 11 has drawn mixed reactions from music lovers across the country. Some compositions have aced it, while others have failed to stir .. Read More

Farhan Saeed To Debut In Film Industry?Entertainment Desk (October 19, 2018): For the past few days, one piece of news doing rounds is that singer tur .. Read More

In an interview, the artist said that actor Ahsan Khan, who played lead role opposite to her in the film, assisted her throughout the shooting.The fil .. Read More

Italian fashion house Armani will stay independent, its founder and designer Giorgio Armani in an interview published Friday on business website Milan .. Read More

King Khan And Netflix Become PartnersEntertainment Desk (October 19, 2018): It may not have the support of filmmakers like Chris Nolan. It may have co .. Read More

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The Commuters and Zeeshan Zaidi are getting bigger and bigger. Good article. ... View News
Aukse, Vilnius 11 Aug, 2017

Nice work ... View News
Ella, New York City 05 Aug, 2017

Amazing piece on Zeeshan Zaidi and The Commuters. Great work! ... View News
Rani, 04 Aug, 2017

Owo that's great. I am waiting to get the track. ... View News
Olivia Cameron, New York City 04 Aug, 2017

I love this story -- great job! ... View News
Sumi Akter, Rajshahi 03 Aug, 2017