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More Than 25,000 Killed in Mexico in 2017Web-Desk (January 21, 2018):Mexico saw a total of 25,339 murders last year, official data has shown, after 20 .. Read More

Dalits Hold Rally in London Against Indian AtrocitiesLondon (January 21, 2018): Dalit groups from across the United Kingdom have called for the intern .. Read More

At Least 15 People Killed in Kabul Hotel Terror AttackKabul (January 20, 2018): At least 15 people killed and scores injured in a terror attack  on Ka .. Read More

UN Chief Stresses On Regional Partnership To Counter ExtremismWeb-Desk (January 20,2018): UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres Friday urged parties c .. Read More

Senators were still negotiating on the Senate floor after the midnight deadline passed, but the White House issued a statement blaming opposition Demo .. Read More

The North Korean officials are scheduled to spend two days inspecting art centres in Gangneung city, which will also host several of the Olympic event .. Read More

He stated this during a meeting with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in Cairo.Later talking to reporters, Mike Pence said that he assured Sisi .. Read More

Canikli said in an interview with broadcaster AHaber Friday that Turkey was developing weapons systems against anti-tank missiles used by US-backed YP .. Read More

“Five are dead,” an official with the Afghan spy agency told AFP, adding 100 hostages have been released.Gunmen had burst into Kabul's luxury Intercon .. Read More

US Government in shutdown After Senate Fails To Pass New BudgetWeb-Desk (January 20, 2018): The US government has started to shut down after Congress .. Read More

Eleven killed, 46 injured in Turkey bus crashIstanbul (January 20, 2018): Eleven people were killed and 46 injured when a Turkish intercity bus taking .. Read More

US Government Shutdown Looms As Trump Fails To Strike DealWashington (January 20, 2018): United States President Donald Trump failed to reach an agree .. Read More

US Defense Secretary Reveals The Priorities of USAWeb-Desk (January 20, 2018):The United States defense secretary James Mattis has unveiled on Friday .. Read More

Sissi Likely To Run For Second Term As Egypt PresidentCairo (January 20, 2018): Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi announced that he will run fo .. Read More

The results showed that Saudi women who were married at an early age (currently married, divorcees or widows) – and those who were married for the fir .. Read More

The Dutch national weather service recorded wind gusts of up to 140km/h in the southern port of Hook of Holland as the storm passed over.Amsterdam's S .. Read More

Yasin Malik Arrested During Anti-India Demo In SrinagarSrinagar (January 20, 2018): Indian police arrested the Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberatio .. Read More

Trump Renews NSA’s Internet Surveillance ProgrammeWashington (January 20, 2018): United States President Donald Trump on Friday said signed into .. Read More

US Apex Court To Decide Legality of Trump Travel BanWashington (January 20, 2018): The United States Supreme Court on Friday set up a major showdown o .. Read More

China To Enshrine Xi´s Name in State ConstitutionBeijing (January 19, 2018): China´s Communist Party proposed on Friday to engrave President Xi Jinpin .. Read More

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this person is responsible for massacres he kill my grandfather he's also responsible for thousands of death he's devil himself God doesn't want him in the masjid ... View News
Jimmy, D.C. 24 Sep, 2017

Scientists say, by 2050 we won't have enough food worldwide. But of course this situation will not occure from one year to the other. First, foods will become more expensive, some years later some foods will disappeare from our supermarkets' shelves. Some poorer countries will be affected sooner, richer countries will be affected later. And it seems that some countries are affected already today. Egypt already seems to have a similar problem. What are the reasons for the lack of food? - Overpopulation. The world population is already very high. This causes a lot of further problems. And unfortunatelly the population is still growing, especially in Sout Asia and Africa. - Overfishing. Unfortunatelly not a new problem. - Climate change. Causing rainfall decline over subtropical land and expanding deserts. Crop failures because of extreme wheater conditions. If we are able to reduce the world population, a lot of further problems would be solved automatically too. I am ready to help. ... View News
entrance, st. pölten 25 Nov, 2016

These people have been equipped and organised by the US and west to malign Islam. ... View News
, 31 Jan, 2016