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The selection of a hard-line cleric as the new Taliban chief on Wednesday all but dashes U.S. President Barack Obama's hopes for opening peace talks b .. Read More

JEDDAH - Saudi Arabia said talks on Wednesday with visiting Iranian delegates on arrangements for haj pilgrims from the Islamic republic have been "po .. Read More

BERLIN - German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday brushed off concerns about a landmark EU-Turkey deal designed to stem the flow of migrants to Eu .. Read More

Luke BakerB'Tselem, one of Israel's leading human rights groups, said on Wednesday it would no longer refer complaints of abuse carried out by Israeli .. Read More

COLOMBO - Sri Lanka appealed on Wednesday for foreign aid to recover from massive floods that caused an estimated $2 billion worth of damage and claim .. Read More

BAGHDAD - Iraqi forces pushed towards Islamic State group bastion Fallujah on Wednesday from areas to the south as part of operations to retake the ci .. Read More

JERUSALEM - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu joined forces on Wednesday with a hardline nationalist who is set to become defence minister, fo .. Read More

GENEVA - Religious belief is no excuse for refusing to shake a teacher's hand, Swiss regional authorities ruled Wednesday, reversing one school's cont .. Read More

SEOUL - Visiting UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday left open the possibility of running for the South Korean presidency after his term wit .. Read More

OSLO - Norway will take a first step this week towards using its $850 billion sovereign wealth fund, the world’s biggest, as a tool to combat th .. Read More

NICOSIA - Amnesty International has accused nearly half of the European Union’s members of fuelling killings and torture among other abuses in E .. Read More

Tehran: A senior Afghan legislator said Taliban's slain leader Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour had died 3 months ago and not as claimed by the US on Sa .. Read More

PESHAWAR - Haibatullah Akhundzada, the Islamic legal scholar appointed leader of the Afghan Taliban on Wednesday, was not the obvious choice when seni .. Read More

MOSCOW: After decades of frigid ties,Russiahas finally begun to reach out toPakistan. Economic, political and even defense ties are growing between th .. Read More

NEW YORK: At the UN,Pakistanoffered to assist African states with capacity building in peacekeeping as a contribution to strengthen the peace and secu .. Read More

Tashkent: The Islamic Development Bank (IDB), the Saudi Fund for Development and the Japanese government have expressed interest in financing construc .. Read More

VATICAN CITY:Pope Francis on Wednesday asked God to “convert the hearts of those who sow death and destruction” following a series of dead .. Read More

KABUL: A senior Taliban source saidWednesdaythat Haibatullah Akhundzada's hard-line views, including his opposition to peace talks with the Afghan gov .. Read More

NEW DELHI: The Indian interceptor missile tests carried out on May 15 was a failure despite claims by Indian Defense Research and Development Organiza .. Read More

WASHINGTON: US Spy agencies zeroed in on Mullah Akhtar Mansour while he was visiting his family in Iran, laying a trap for when the Taliban leader cro .. Read More

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These people have been equipped and organised by the US and west to malign Islam. ... View News
, 31 Jan, 2016

"After California Shooting the fears of Muslim Harassment rise" The behavior of the masses of the "so called modern, civilized and enlightened Democratic country like US, clearly shows that the Nation comprises of highly volatile, irrational and imbalanced personalities. And if activities of such elements are not checked, it will soon mar the shining face of USA. the atmosphere of suspicion, harassment and threats to Muslim community will surely result into tension, fear and uncertainty among the school/college going students. The repercussions will soon be visible in all walks of US life. US will earn bad name in the family of nations as well. ... View News
sarwar, lahore 11 Dec, 2015

What a realization on the part of Tony Blair, former British PM. Over Two million Iraqi Muslims were killed. Out of 1,23,00,000 refugees 47,00,000 were Iraqis. The war also brought untold miseries and ruined the country totally. The process of destruction started by the blind, deaf and dumb personalities like Tony Blair, is still going on. The country is bleeding. Those "Distributing Deaths" must be punished as "War Criminals" and no "Apology or Sorry' should be accepted from them. Let us make our Planet peaceful and worth living. ... View News
sarwar, lahore 25 Oct, 2015

A Question. Why do you ask for comments if the same are not to be aired? On 17 October I sent comments but of no use! You do not accept criticism!! You believe only in News and discourage Comments!! It is on record that "The Day of Deliverance" was observed by All India Muslim League in 1946 when All India Congress governments in various provinces/center of The Sub Continent ended. They had done every thing to establish Akhand Bharat. Moodi Sarkar, through her policies of "Converting India into a Hindu State", is only proving that "The history repeats itself" is a universal truth. BJP, headed by the Top Mad man and one of the Top Ten Terrorists on our Globe, is bent upon establishing Akhand Bharat at all costs for which the Minorities will have to sacrifice every thing. A clear message has been delivered to them through Judiciary, Central and Provincial governments, activist organizations like RSS etc. ... View News
sarwar, lahore 17 Oct, 2015

Afghan Taliban's raid on Ghazni prison is a daring action. Let the World know that the Freedom Lovers can not tolerate their country to be under alien rulers or a govt supported by them. Every nation has an inalienable right of free will to select their rulers.this applies more to the Afghans and they have proved it many a time. The annals of history bear testimony to it! ... View News
sarwar, lahore 13 Sep, 2015