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Nokia’s COO Quits After 8 Months on The JobHelsinki (December 11, 2017): Nokia said its chief operating officer will leave the telecom network e .. Read More

Nissan Soon bringing Self-Driving Taxis to the Streets of JapanWeb Desk(December 11, 2017): The company announced that it plans to test autonomous tax .. Read More

However; the upcoming handsets may come handy as the tech giant is rumoured to introduce three bezel-less iPhones next year.One of them is the economi .. Read More

Two Ancient Tombs Discovered in EgyptCairo(December 10, 2017): Egyptian officials announced the discovery and excavation of two tombs found in the nec .. Read More

Cockroaches Help Researchers Train Robots to WalkWeb Desk(December 10, 2017): Scientists have identified a shift in the gaits of speedy cockroaches as .. Read More

Apple To Buy Music Recognizing App Shazam: ReportNew York (December 09, 2017): Apple is in talks to buy the popular song recognition app Shazam as the .. Read More

Neuroscientists at Duke University in the US linked together the brains of monkeys and rodents in separate experiments to study how they can work toge .. Read More

Magnetic Field Around Black Hole Baffles AstronomersWashington (December 8, 2017): A sudden outburst of jets from a black hole 8,000 light years from .. Read More

New York Intl Bike Show Concludes Amidst Happy BikersNew York (December 8, 2017): The New York International Bike Show was recently held in NYC, US. T .. Read More

Rocket Lab to Launch Second Time Rocket into OrbitWeb Desk(December 08, 2017): The small-rocket startup Rocket Lab will attempt to launch its first cu .. Read More

UAE Launches Programme to Send Astronauts Into SpaceDubai (December 7, 2017): Dubai’s ruler on Wednesday launched the United Arab Emirates’ first spac .. Read More

However, we have proof otherwise. Apparently, smell does persist in the vacuum of the universe, despite what common sense might suggest. It’s fairly o .. Read More

Google Introduces New OS For Cheaper PhonesWeb Desk (December 7, 2017): Tech giant Google recently introduced a small operating system for cheaper sma .. Read More

London´s Iconic Black Cabs Go ElectricLondon (December 7, 2017): London´s first electric-powered black cabs hit the streets on Tuesday, the British ca .. Read More

Minister Forms Body to Address NTS IssuesIslamabad (December 6, 2017): Federal Minister for Science and Technology Rana Tanveer Hussain has instructed .. Read More

Astronomers Observe Most-Distant Supermassive Black HoleWeb Desk(December 07, 2017): Astronomers have spied the most-distant supermassive black hole y .. Read More

Astronomers Publish a New Map of Cosmos’ High-Velocity GasWeb Desk(December 6, 2017): An astronomer  has published a new map of the cosmos’ .. Read More

Google Pulls YouTube From Amazon DevicesNew York (December 6, 2017): A rare public spat in the technology industry escalated on Tuesday when Google sa .. Read More

The feud is the latest in Silicon Valley to put customers in the crossfire of major competitors. Amazon and Google, which is owned by Alphabet Inc, sq .. Read More

Facebook Launches Messenger App For Kids Under 13Web Desk (December 4, 2017): Facebook on Monday unveiled a version of its Messenger application for c .. Read More

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