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By Will Dunham WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A gorilla named Susie is helping provide fresh insight into the genetic similarities and difference .. Read More

By Irene Klotz CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (Reuters) - The Russian-made rocket motor that catapulted a United Launch Alliance booster toward orb .. Read More

BEIJING (Reuters) - A team from China plans to challenge Google's AlphaGo, the artificial intelligence (AI) program that beat a world-class player .. Read More

By Will Dunham WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The extinct human species dubbed the "Hobbit" vanished from its home on the Indonesian is .. Read More

By Maayan Lubell TEL AVIV (Reuters) - Already a pioneer in high-tech and cutting-edge agriculture, Israel is starting to attract American .. Read More

By Ben Hirschler LONDON (Reuters) - French drugmaker Sanofi has poached one of AstraZeneca's top scientists to be its new research he .. Read More

David Pedigo is the senior director of learning & emerging trends at CEDIA. Pedigo oversees CEDIA's training and certification department as well .. Read More

Roger Humphrey, global head of JLL Life Sciences, contributed this article to Live Science's Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights.It's no mere hypo .. Read More

One of Isaac Newton's 17th-century alchemy manuscripts, buried in a private collection for decades, reveals his recipe for a material thought to b .. Read More

By Will Dunham WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Scientists on Thursday announced the creation of a synthetic organism stripped down to the bare ess .. Read More

The world's largest aircraft, some 65 feet (20 meters) longer than the world's biggest passenger airliner, is just about ready to leave its ha .. Read More

A secret photo shoot deep in the forests of Malaysian Borneo is helping researchers determine just how many marbled cats — rare, tree-climbing felines .. Read More

Marine archaeologists think they've discovered a lost Portuguese ship from explorer Vasco da Gama's fleet off the coast of present-day Oman, m .. Read More

The world's first experiment to capture carbon dioxide from the fumes of burning rubbish is nearing completion in Oslo.     The trial .. Read More

By Matthew Stock A new energy efficient lighting system for poultry farms uses bulbs with a light spectrum specially adjusted for chicken .. Read More

By Ben Gruber San Francisco, CA (Reuters) - Marc Newlin and Balint Seeber are checking how far apart they can be while still being able t .. Read More

By Will Dunham WASHINGTON (Reuters) - When a female "burying beetle" is focused on caring for babies and not making new ones, s .. Read More

By Matthew and Stock Researchers in Switzerland have developed a method for writing vast amounts of information in DNA and storing it ins .. Read More

By Alister Doyle OSLO (Reuters) - The rate of carbon emissions is higher than at any time in fossil records stretching back 66 million ye .. Read More

By Irene Klotz CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (Reuters) - A Russian Soyuz capsule carrying a NASA astronaut and two Russian cosmonauts arrived at t .. Read More

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