(Muhammad Ali, Rawalpindi)

Our people was killed our children martyred , our schools were burnt, our youth died day by day and they called us terrorist. In this decade we are the people who are fighting against the terrorists a lot we killed lot of terrorist and know a days we are coming back with our somehow good economy with our good stance to be peaceful country know it is the time to eat fruit that we have done lot of hard work than American president came in to being and made his rubbish opinion that we are harboring terrorists it means they don’t want a peaceful Pakistan they want violence in Pakistan they wanted people to be killed in this peaceful country know a days , they are the lovers of terrorists not we America is the terrorist state not we you the terrorist not we MR president . yes there is lake of political consensus in Pakistan there is no single good PM we get in last 7 decades but in that alignment you have ought to call us such a bad word “terrorist”. I think America is the frenemy of Pakistan. Stakeholders of Pakistan have different opinion about that they tell us that “America is hiding their disability of loseing war against Taliban in Afghanistan “. America has cognizant Pakistan to do more but they have done nothing in Afghanistan but to kill innocent people nobody can conquer Afghanistan in future and we have never seen it history this fact in clear cut that America want chaos in Pakistan they want brutality in Pakistan they are afraid of Pakistan. How In the early days American president accused Pakistan that Pakistan is harboring terrorist organization and these organization are prevailing in the state as the insergical factions. they are thinking that ISI AND PAKIISTAN are giving harbor to insergical factions to harm the neighboring countries like India , Afghanistan , IRAN And china and in return Pakistan reitrated their stance that we are not providing help to Taliban’s organization but we are fighting against them with our surgical resources . this seems to be true because if you see the history of last two decades Pakistan is the one country that suffer a lot about terrorism hundred and thousands of people died because of terrorism in Pakistan in the curse of this they called us terrorist I mean what does that mean that to be best in the world? How to make yourself a strong power in the world? Who our nation made their self so extraordinary to be on top of the mountain? We have to be sensational. We has to made our good stance we had clear the things to other nations that we are the victims of terrorism we are not appointed to be terrorist we are the strongest nation ever you met for that purpose we need a leader like Muhammad Ali Jinnah where are you MR Jinnah come back we need you we need nothing but you my dear love come and save us from the this dark spot of humanity please .

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